What’s the Hancock Flat 50?

What’s the Hancock Flat 50?

If you are a bicycle enthusiast and you live in Hancock County, chances are you already know about the Hancock Flat 50. If you haven’t heard of this community bicycle ride and festival that takes place annually, then read to get the scoop on how you can participate in the 2022 ride fun!

Hancock Flat 50

Why bicycles?

Biking is a fabulous way to maintain physical health, get outdoors and connect with others through a common interest. The road-riding movement has caught on in Indiana over the last few years, with improvements in safety for those who wish to bike long distances. Indiana’s mostly flat terrain makes it a perfect option for these longer rides, making it accessible to both beginners and advanced bikers young and old.

Speaking of young and old, the Hancock Flat 50 is a great chance to get your family in on the biking fun. Kids can test their stamina alongside their parents in this safe and enjoyable ride. Cycling is a great sport for kids because they develop leg muscles and get ample cardiovascular exercise while pedaling. They also learn how to find their center of gravity and work on balancing skills, increasing their confidence and spatial awareness.

Let’s ride!

The Hancock Flat 50 is open to anyone and offers both 25- and 50-mile bike rides through beautiful Indiana scenery. Bikers will get a chance to socialize with other like-minded people from across the country while riding. Training for the event is another way to get out and connect with community or spend time together as a family.

Get involved with the Hancock Flat 50

The 2022 Hancock Flat 50 takes place on August 27 and registration is open for those who are ready to commit to this fun and festive community event! Not only do you get the chance to test your physical stamina while breezing along enjoying the beautiful scenery, you also get to party afterward with family and new friends with live music, food and fun.

Maintaining physical fitness is important for everyone’s overall health and well-being. Picking up a hobby like biking is just one way to express yourself through physical activity. Come and meet us at the Hancock Flat 50 this year and have fun in community with other bicyclists and families!


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