Wellness Trends for Fall

Wellness Trends for Fall

Being trendy has never been better for your overall health. Wellness trends for this fall are here, and they are set to bring everyone into more balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Whereas in the past certain exercises or fads were rising to the top (think CrossFit or the Paleo diet), this year you can find more wellness trends that bring ease and moderation to your everyday living!

Wellness trends don’t have to be extreme to work

We have had a whirlwind these last few years, with Covid topping the list of stressors for most people. Add to that the challenges of modern human-ing, and you have yourself a recipe for distress! Maybe that is why this fall, people are taking it easy and simplifying their lives in ways both big and small.

Community and connection

Getting back to the importance of community building is just one wellness trend you will see in 2023. People are finding, post-Covid and masks, the benefits of relationship building and are gravitating toward places where they can feel that they are part of a larger community. The emphasis is being taken away from just powering through workouts alone and being placed on socializing while enjoying your exercise routine. The Hancock Wellness Centers are happy to create this for our members, with plenty of chances to get to know one another and work together to support everyone on their fitness journeys!

Back to nature

More and more people are realizing the benefits of simply being in nature, with reconnection being the purpose. Not only do we want to go for more walks, hikes or bike rides along one of the trails here in Central Indiana, but we also want to reflect this connection to nature in our daily life. With a growing interest in locally grown food, clean beauty and natural alternatives to reducing stress (think adaptogens and plants), this wellness trend will benefit not only our bodies, but the planet too!

Female empowerment

Women are empowering themselves by gaining physical strength and the courage to talk about things that were once taboo. Not only are women entering into spaces that were normally reserved for men (think weightlifting or other strength-based workouts), they are also speaking up more loudly about issues specific to their bodies (think periods, menopause and more). They are also going to be more likely to put their own sexual wellness at the forefront.

Fitness for lifelong health

Some fitness trends of the past were not body-friendly and, in fact, had the opposite effect. One wellness trend we can get behind without question is widening the scope of fitness to include a whole range of healthy bodies (even if that is different for everyone) as well as an emphasis on lifelong health. Hancock Wellness Centers programs are geared toward helping our members make healthy lifestyle choices, therefore creating a lifelong love of healthy living! We have programs here to help, whether someone is just starting their fitness journey from a place of illness, or they are a regular CrossFit junkie.

Simplicity is key this fall. From finding more lifelong enjoyment in your workout to committing to a more nature-based lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to enjoy one or more of these fall wellness trends. Visit your local Hancock Wellness Center to learn more about programs, classes, healthy living workshops and more!


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