Wellness and Mental Health Resources

Wellness and Mental Health Resources

Our culture is slowly but surely beginning to recognize how important mental health is in a person’s overall wellbeing, as well as, access wellness and mental health resources. In fact, while physical fitness helps to protect against many chronic diseases, your mental health has a huge impact on your cardiovascular health, immune system and overall health as well. As people continue to speak up about their mental health struggles, we can begin to break down our preconceived notions about what it means to be mentally fit.

At Hancock Health, it’s our goal to provide resources for not only the physical well-being of our patients, but also their mental health. We know that a happy community depends on the support available to all its residents. That is why we try our best to offer resources to those seeking help for mental illnesses, addiction and emotional struggles.

Mind/body programs at Hancock Wellness Centers

While someone struggling with a mental illness does require the help of a professional, that doesn’t mean that lifestyle changes won’t impact overall health and maybe even decrease symptoms. Depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses can be caused by stress and exacerbated by a lack of physical movement. Hancock Wellness Centers offer a cost-effective and fun way to get your groove on and enhance your mood.

We offer many different types of classes so that individual members can pick and choose what they enjoy. If aerobic exercise is what you need to feel mentally well, check out our Zumba or HIIT classes. If slowing down is how you want to lower your stress or you think a little bit of introspection is needed, try our yoga or tai chi classes.

Exercise, if enjoyed, can have a profound impact on your stress levels by naturally shifting your focus, releasing feel-good hormones in the body, and providing a sense of accomplishment. By joining one of our wellness centers, you support your mental health journey alongside any treatment you’re currently receiving from a professional therapist, psychiatrist or counselor.

Healthy365 Connection Center

One of the largest resources we offer is the Healthy365 Connection Center. Established as a branch of Hancock Regional Hospital, the goal of this center is to “focus on the whole health and wellness of individuals who live, work, play and pray in Hancock County.” Through Healthy365, navigators assess mental health needs and gently guide patients toward treatment options that will work for them.

When you connect with a navigator, they can help you get assistance with a variety of things, including:

  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Resources for healthy family relationships
  • Resources for self-care
  • Local mental health professionals
  • Support groups
  • Local resources for hardships
  • Career and learning opportunities

Healthy365 services are vast and look to support members in the community experiencing a wide array of mental health crises. In fact, they’ve made great strides in identifying gaps in the mental health and substance abuse services within Hancock County and have improved upon care for at-risk populations. They even offer a handy pocket guide to walk you through how to get the help you need.

Wellness and mental health resources you can use

When you suffer from mental unwellness, the days can feel long and hard, even exhausting. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone, and the first step, depending on the severity of your condition, is to reach out for a helping hand.

Crisis lines are an easy way to ask for help if you feel like you’re having a mental health emergency. Trained professionals on the other end of the line are fully equipped to guide you in the right direction. The National Alliance on Mental Health of Indiana and Mental Health America of Indiana are some great local resources. Nationally, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as well as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provide resources for those who need immediate action.

The past few years have been intense, with our political landscape feeling like a war zone and COVID continuing to greatly change lives. Mental illnesses are being diagnosed at an alarming rate. There are some things everyone can do to manage daily stress, but when those no longer work for you, it’s time to seek help that is tailored to your needs. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching out for help when you need it, you can do your best to stay on top of your own mental health and wellness.


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