Unlocking the Keys to Nutrition – Jane’s Story Part 2

Unlocking the Keys to Nutrition – Jane’s Story Part 2

Text from a Facebook postJane was eager to start the Journey to Wellness program.  She expected they would tell her to eat differently.

However, for Jane, nutritional education was a pivotal turning point in her life.

It was here, in the Journey to Wellness, that Jane made a transition.  Jane moved from being a participant in a program to making a personal commitment.  A commitment to change.  A commitment to learn.  A commitment to achieve her wellness goals.

Michelle Graves, Certified Dietician and Wellness coach for Hancock Health, met with Jane for 1 hour to complete nutrition education counseling.  During that session, Michelle listened to Jane’s questions, learned more about her lifestyle and nutrition desires.   Michelle also shared relevant and personal nutritional information, helping establish goals and insights which matched Jane’s needs.

As a key first step following this session, Michelle asked Jane to begin journaling her food and drink intake on a daily basis.

“After two or three days of journaling, I began to realize the choices I was making and the habits I’d developed.  It wasn’t good, but in that journal, it was right in front of me and I couldn’t deny it,” Jane said.  “For example, I realized that on some days I was drinking up to 6 root beers a day and having no water at all.”

“It was then, that I decided.  I decided I would make the changes I needed to make.”

By working with Michelle, Jane established realistic nutritional goals and adjusted them through the program.  Three immediate goals Jane committed to achieve and continues today:

  • Drink at least 64-ounces of water each day
  • Journal food and drink intake each day
  • Meet calorie intake goals while eating the foods you like

Today, Jane continues lifestyle nutritional changes she made.   From carrying her personal water bottle with her to restaurants to skipping multiple servings of her favorite root beer, Jane is driven to continue her success.

Learn more about Jane’s journey in our next installment of this five-part series.


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