Understanding Behavior on the Journey to Wellness

Understanding Behavior on the Journey to Wellness

Unlike many programs, the Journey to Wellness program at Hancock Health offers personal consultation and support.  The comprehensive support is critical to individual growth and success.

For Jane, the behavioral assessment inspired a deeper commitment to her wellness journey.

“I went into the program thinking that I was not going to give up my root beer,” Jane said.  “Within one week, I was so committed that I knew I did not want to fail.”

Much like the nutritional support, the behavioral support also gave Jane new insights into patterns of behavior and choices she was making.

“The behavioral sessions can be a pivotal step in the journey,” shared Yvette Dixon, Hancock Wellness Program and Operations Manager.  “Together, we work to uncover each individual’s personal opportunities for their own wellness goals.”

The behavioral support involves confidential, personal sessions with Hancock Health professionals, Michelle Graves and Stephanie Swann.  From the sessions, Jane and other program participants find value in prioritizing actions and choices that best fit their own needs.

“Each individual is unique. With the behavioral component, the journey to wellness becomes personalized to match lifestyle needs and personal preferences,” said Dixon.  “It never fails that I find myself inspired by Jane, and others, who take this step on the journey to wellness.”

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