Top 3 Workplace Wellness Wants

Top 3 Workplace Wellness Wants

You’re considering a workplace wellness program. Congratulations! Your investment in your employees can yield healthy returns, like reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and lower healthcare costs.

Designing a wellness program might be like picking your favorite meal at an all-you-can-eat buffet. There are many different choices and options for workplace wellness, and what works for one set of employees might not be a good fit for your workforce. Sometimes it’s helpful to focus on the priorities. What are the top workplace wellness wants?

Top 3 Workplace Wellness Wants

Make it personal

Employees want to work with a “live” expert who can guide them on their health and wellness goals. It’s not enough to read that they need to exercise more – they’d rather hear it from a trained professional who can help them create an individualized, effective routine. Certainly you can email your employees a weekly newsletter reminding them to make healthy food choices and cut down on their midday trips to the snack machine, but most people would rather participate in a nutrition class with their peers, where they can ask questions and find support for their journeys. The Hancock Well-Being’s Workplace Wellness Program can include Hancock Wellness Center corporate memberships, which provides class options, workout equipment or personal training for an additional fee.

Make it convenient

Even the most dedicated fitness buffs have been known to look at the clock in the office and wonder whether they really feel like detouring to the gym before they go home. A workplace wellness program is more likely to succeed when its features are close to the office or to home. While some larger corporations have the physical space to build a workout center on site, anyone can plug into an established facility like the Hancock Wellness Center. Its three medically certified centers in Hancock County offers flexibility and choices for employees who don’t want to go out of their way for wellness.

Convenient onsite clinics can bring healthcare directly to the office. The Hancock Wellness Center Workplace Wellness program gives employers the option of health and wellness screenings like blood pressure screening, personal health education and blood sugar screening. Now there are no excuses for not taking charge of your health!

Make it supportive

A culture of wellness should permeate the workplace. Swap out the lunchtime meeting pizza and cookies for healthier sandwiches and salads. Encourage employees to take advantage of the various programs, and work to connect employees with coworker and managers who share their health interests. Friendly competitions can be fun, but nobody should feel embarrassed if they opt out of the challenge. Instead, companies should be flexible and accommodating to employees who want to carve out a health plan that works with their lifestyles.

Introducing a workplace wellness program can make a dramatic difference both at the workplace and at home. With the right combination of health education, medical screening and wellness opportunities, employees will be on their way to happier, healthier and well lives. Are you interested in finding out more about the Hancock Wellness Center Workplace Wellness program? Reach out to us for more information.


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