The Power of Employee Well-Being Solutions

The Power of Employee Well-Being Solutions

Everyone wants to feel their best, whether working toward that goal or not. Employees aren’t any different. That’s why companies who incorporate employee well-being solutions into their culture are so widely touted as being innovative and worker-focused. In fact, companies who created myriad ways for employees to engage in behaviors that increase their overall well-being show a greater employee retention rate. Simply put: People want to work for someone who cares about them.

The Power of Employee Well-Being Solutions

Many employers may ask themselves why they need to incorporate this into their workplace culture. Don’t employees have plenty of time before and after work to focus on their well-being in whatever ways they care to? Well, they might have time, but if you are a busy parent or someone with a long commute or crazy hours, it can be difficult to initiate self-care routines that stick. Furthermore, the individual cost of joining a wellness center or hiring a personal trainer can be overwhelming to today’s worker.

Employers who create a company culture that guides employees into making healthier decisions experience a workplace of generally healthier and happier people. Employees who feel that they have self-care options available through their workplace are generally more motivated, productive, absent less, and stay with that company for a longer time. The key to creating this Eden, however, is to understand that well-being doesn’t just mean physical health. It also has to do with stress, mental health and other factors such as financial acuity or time off.

Offer benefits that support your employees’ well-being

There are many different ways to go when deciding what benefits to offer. One great place to start is by choosing a corporate membership to a wellness center. Here in Hancock County, we’re lucky to have access to the amazing Hancock Wellness Centers, which offer a wide variety of amenities. Group classes, access to nutrition counseling, massage, mind/body classes, workshops and clinical programs to help those who need some guidance are just some of the many available employee options. Having an outlet in which they can engage physically and increase their fitness is the an excellent way to boost employee morale in your workplace.

Furthermore, benefits for employees should include items like significant paid leave and vacation time. Larger companies, like Netflix, are trending toward unlimited paid leave for employees. Although this sounds like a recipe for disaster to some employers, it puts the importance and trust of decision making in the hands of the employee. When it comes to things like maternity leave, paternity leave, a health scare or chronic illness diagnosis, this option is vital in ensuring your employees remain happy, healthy and loyal.

Support mental health

From simple awareness-raising initiatives to full-on training for managers, advocating for the mental well-being of employees in your workplace is a great way to show you care as their boss. Anyone who has suffered from a bout of mental illness knows how difficult it can be to concentrate. Add that to other life stressors, and you have the recipe for unmotivated and poor-performing employees. It’s incredibly important to support the mental health of those in your workplace through good insurance coverage, access to care, workplace mindfulness initiatives and plenty of built-in daily mental health breaks.

Help your employees with their finances

You may not have thought of this as an employee well-being solution, but the truth is that money is a huge stressor for most people. Teaching how to manage money properly, budget, save, etc., is a great way to empower employees to make good financial decisions. Also, finding ways to help with costs like childcare can be incredibly helpful for the working American family.

Create a collaborative and friendly work environment

Now more than ever, it’s important to create a workplace environment in which all employees feel safe, appreciated and valued. By creating a workplace culture that fosters friendships and deeper employee relationships, your workers will be eager to show up every day. Including outside opportunities for employee fun is another great way to engage in socializing, a cornerstone in human mental wellness.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming company or you’ve been in business for years, offering your employees a variety of well-being options has proven to increase employee retention and loyalty. Happy, healthy employees are key to your business’ success. If interested in learning more about creating a workplace culture of health and wellness, contact our Hancock Wellness Centers today to talk about a corporate membership and how it can increase the well-being of your employees and your business.


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