The Hancock Wellness Center’s Physician Referral Program Might Be Your Ticket to Better Health!

The Hancock Wellness Center’s Physician Referral Program Might Be Your Ticket to Better Health!

Dealing with chronic illness and disease is never easy, but at Hancock Health, the aim is to get patients back on track to living their best lives. With a holistic mindset combining fitness, diet, and top-rated care, Hancock Regional Hospital and its overarching health system is proving that increasing the quality of life for patients doesn’t have to be complicated, just accessible. The Physician Referral Program through the Hancock Wellness Center provides the stepping stone to improved health.

As a cornerstone of the Hancock Wellness Center, the Physician Referral Program provides access to supervised fitness for all demographics at an affordable rate of $60 for 60 days. Patients may be referred by a physician, physical therapist, dietician, or diabetes educator. Once they sign up for the program, they are given an initial assessment during which an in-depth medical history is taken and goals for the program are made. With a personalized wellness plan, patients are then able to go at their own pace to reach their goals, whether that means losing body fat, increasing cardiovascular strength, improving balance, or a variety of other things, says Ciara Nienhaus, general manager of the McCordsville location.

Personalized fitness where goals matter

Personalized sessions with trained exercise specialists are monitored to ensure safety as well as efficiency. Held three times a week for eight weeks, sessions include heart rate monitoring as well as vitals checks before commencing each workout. Because they are able to work one-on-one, patients become more confident in their body’s ability to maintain cardio function, balance, and strength throughout the course of the program. Assessments midway through completion as well as a final assessment are taken to track progress.

Hancock Health is able to offer this safe, extensive and affordable program because of a collective belief in holistic health. The staff and physicians throughout Hancock Health System believe in the power of fitness and diet to impact the health of all patients, especially those suffering from chronic issues like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Currently, the wellness center is working to pilot a nutrition component in its program by getting patients in touch with registered dieticians.

Convenient locations and affordable pricing

With a goal to improve every patient’s quality of life and meet them where they are, Hancock Wellness Centers not only offer a chance to get healthier in this new year, but also to increase confidence and overall well-being. With the support of the entirety of the Hancock Health System, they are truly meeting this goal and succeeding in changing the way people judge their own fitness. Hancock Wellness Centers can be found at three different locations: New Palestine, McCordsville, and Greenfield. All locations have a pool as well as dry land equipment and are following COVID-safe procedures. Memberships are available to the public as well as those who are interested upon completion of the Physician Referral Program.


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