Refresh Your Workout For Spring

Refresh Your Workout For Spring

Spring Cleaning…we have all heard the phrase. Researchers can link this phrase to a few different origins.  It may come from the Persian New Year, which falls on the first day of Spring, where the tradition is to clean the house before the Great Lent in what is known as Clean Week. Others might say it comes from Jewish traditions where “Shaking the House” is the custom to celebrate the liberation of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt. References to spring cleaning can also be found in Christian and Chinese roots as well. It even has non-religious roots where in Frontier homes, as soon as spring came, it was time to clean the soot from the fireplaces and knock the mud from between the logs to prepare for hot summer days.

But Spring Cleaning has come to mean more than cleaning. These days it can be used interchangeably as a way to “spruce up” and change our surroundings or our attitudes. When the New Year hits, full of resolutions and goal setting, we hit the gym with determination and intent. But sometimes getting to the gym and staying healthy begins to take its toll in repetition and our commitment starts to wane. So why not Spring Clean and REFRESH your workout!

How do I brush the cobwebs off?

  1. Don’t throw in the towel if you have missed a workout or two (or 5 or a month!). Life gets in the way for everyone sometimes. But today is the day to recommit yourself. If you only missed a day or two, jump back in. If you have been away longer, be prepared to ramp back up.
  2. Try a new class. At Hancock Wellness we have a variety of classes every day to help you jump back in, from Zumba to Strength classes and Cycling to Yoga. All classes are welcome to anyone, and our Certified instructors are ready to help you in any way they can! HWC also has a full staff or Exercise Specialists that offer one-to-one or small group training to get you out of your comfort zone and standard routine.
  3. GET OUT!!! Outside that is…walking or running outside is a great way to live your fitness routine in a new way. See new sights, breathe in the fresh air. A great way to get the heart pumping is to vary your walking speeds into intervals. Try walking at a moderate pace then fast pace in one-minute intervals!
  4. Rotate your playlist!  Music distracts you!! Research has shown that people exercise longer and harder when they are listening to their favorite tunes. It just might take you away from the discomfort during exercise (i.e. the burning in your quads during your third round of 60-second wall sits), but listening to the same playlist over and over gets predictable. Suddenly your music isn’t doing what it’s supposed to during your workout because you know what’s coming next.
  5. Find a workout buddy. I think the expression goes “friends don’t let friends not exercise” or something like that. But adding a friend to your workout routine not only makes the time more enjoyable but gives you accountability and helps you stay motivated. Just checking in with others can lift our own spirits and that can spur us to new heights!
  6. Randomize your workout. We are creatures of habit, and we tend to choose the same exercises over and over again. They may be the only exercises we know, or we just don’t have time to learn new ones; either way, your routine needs a shot of randomness. Finding a different indoor class or changing to outside is a great way to accomplish this but there are other ways as well. There are countless apps, YouTube videos, and streaming services that offer ways to mix up your routine.

The bottom line is if you are feeling bored or unmotivated by your current exercise routine—Don’t quit!  Refresh and do some Spring Cleaning to put some spring back in your step and you back on the path to a strong you.



Greta Wilson, Group Exercise Instructor
Hancock Wellness Center – McCordsville


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