Power of a Wellness Routine

Power of a Wellness Routine

Many of us probably know the importance of being organized or having a routine, especially in managing work, a household or any other responsibilities. That said, having a “to-do” list, while helpful, can also cause your life to feel like one long checklist. This is where a wellness routine can help you feel whole in your approach to life. 

Power of a Wellness Routine & the Overall Benefits of Routine

The benefits of a wellness routine go far beyond a more structured format for all the daily tasks you must accomplish. Instead, it encompasses all the healthy decisions you want to make in your life, including work-life balance, preparing healthy food, sleep, exercise, relationships, self-care activities and time for fun. Better yet, it can help you thrive on a physical, emotional and mental level.  

Lack of routine is difficult for many people. It can lead to states of stress and anxiety as well as a constant fretting of “How will I get everything done?” in the back of your mind. Furthermore, the absence of a daily structure can cause poor habits to develop, robbing you of the healthy lifestyle you deserve. Great sleeping, eating and exercise habits all depend on having a wellness routine in place. 

In fact, the benefits are numerous for those who adopt and stick to a wellness routine. Better stress levels mean less anxiety and more time to relax and enjoy your world. Better sleep habits leave you refreshed, increases the functioning of your immune system, and prepares you to face what life throws at you on a day-to-day basis. Both habits also impact the state of your cardiovascular health, weight management and the dodging of common chronic diseases such as diabetes. 

With a little extra planning and a healthy dose of discipline, you can be on your way to better health. So, how do you incorporate a wellness routine into your life? The answer isn’t simple, as everyone has different goals and abilities to manage time. However, here are some tips that can apply to almost anyone planning to create a wellness routine: 

Give yourself a good morning

  • Wake early to allow time for yourself. 
  • Stretch or incorporate gentle movement to get your blood flowing and wake up your mind. 
  • Drink water before heading to the coffeepot. 
  • Integrate mind/body practices to start your day, such as meditation. 
  • Check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling. 
  • Work out if you enjoy doing that before your day starts. 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. 
  • Look at your planner/calendar to see what’s on the agenda for the day. Maybe even use this time to set some goals for the day, week or month. 

Avoid the afternoon slump

  • Incorporate movement, even if you have a desk job, by taking a walk or adding in a workout in the afternoon. 
  • Eat a healthy lunch and keep a stash of healthy, high-protein snacks to keep you going (nuts are a great option). 
  • Drink water throughout the day. 
  • Pause for self-time throughout the day, whether that means breathing practices, meditation or even just relaxing a few minutes before getting the kids off the bus or heading into that work meeting. 
  • Avoid coffee or other stimulants that might interfere with your sleep. 

A good night for all

  • Eat a healthy, light dinner. 
  • Journal about your day. 
  • Pack your and the kids’ lunches and prep anything that would add to your stress in the morning if not completed ahead of time. 
  • Add in some gentle or restorative movement before heading to bed. 
  • Power down work emails as well as devices early so you can spend some time screen-free. 
  • Practice gratitude for some part of your day. 
  • Keep a solid sleep routine. 

Keep in mind that these are suggestions, and there are many ways to enhance your own wellness routine to live a well-balanced life. One of the best parts about choosing a healthy lifestyle is that you are acting as a role model for those around you, whether yor kids, partner, parents or friends. To your good health! 


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