Member Testimony – Taylor

Member Testimony – Taylor

Meet Taylor! 

Taylor has been a part of our Hancock CrossFit in New Pal for about one year and has made fitness and community a priority while juggling her role as a new mom! She attends classes four days a week, on average. Here are her own words on how our CrossFit program has benefited her overall fitness and health!

Please tell us what you love most about the program: 

I love the community and how much fun we have in class! The progress and great workouts are a bonus!

What personal accomplishments or goals have you achieved since starting the program? 

I am 11 months postpartum and feel like I have my body back from consistently going to this class. I’ve gotten stronger and faster at just about everything. I can do more pull-ups than ever before. I also weigh 10 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight, which was a huge surprise for me. I feel leaner and stronger than ever before!

Which coaches would you like to recognize for helping you achieve your goals? 

All of them are seriously THE best. Dillon has been a huge help. Will is a secret weapon. He’s quiet and has a soft voice, but he has great insight on movements and can really break down things in a way you can understand and apply it. And even though Seth is new, his honesty and willingness to critique you is something that I respect so much and has already helped me personally. I know going forward, he’s going to be a tremendous help in fine-tuning movements to become stronger and more efficient.


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