Member Testimony – Ryan

Member Testimony – Ryan

Meet Ryan! 

Ryan joined Hancock Ignite at the beginning of the year, but has quickly become one of our most dedicated members! He attends classes five days a week, on average. Here are his own words on how our Ignite program has benefited his overall fitness and health!

Please tell us what you love most about the program: 

I love this program because it pushes me harder than what I think I can do. When I think I have given it all that I have, the program asks me to do 1 more and I really enjoy that.

What personal accomplishments or goals have you achieved since starting the program? 

Since starting the program, I have lost 30lbs, lost over 5% body fat, and gained lean muscle. I am much more flexible and can now do a kettlebell swing!

Which coaches you would like to recognize for helping you achieve your goals? 

I really like all of the coaches. They each bring their own unique style to the program which helps keep the workouts fresh and fun.


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