Member Success Story: Jeff Colclazier

Member Success Story: Jeff Colclazier

“In 2016 I had major back surgery. After being sedentary for a year walking any distance, standing or exercise was very difficult. In January of 2017 the surgeon gave me the ok to start walking and exercise.

I went to my family doctor and she gave me the physicians referral to Hancock Wellness. For the next 2 months, I met with the great training team and they patiently walked me through activities and exercises that fit me where I was at. It has been 10 months and my physical endurance has increased greatly, my walking distance has steadily increased and as a result, I have lost over 30 pounds I feel so much better.

My health has improved to the point that I have been able to stop my blood pressure medicine all together! My new goals are to continue to work on cardio endurance and muscle tone as I move forward.”

We always love showing off our members, and the progress that they have made at our Wellness Center! Keep up the great work, Jeff. 




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