Member Success Story: Tracy Burks

Member Success Story: Tracy Burks

“On Labor Day, September 6, 2016, we went to the Indy Children’s Museum. We hadn’t been to the new Science Works exhibit so we went there first thing. I noticed upon entering that Wish-TV was there filming. As one of my sons began to play, they approached me about being interviewed. For some reason, I get interviewed a lot. Lol! I agreed. They interviewed me and my son while he was playing on the rock wall. Later that evening I saw myself on TV. It was a wakeup call. When I saw myself I couldn’t believe how I let myself go but having 3 boys really changes a woman’s body.

The next day I talked with my mom and she was excited to be a part of my weight loss program. In fact, she paid for the joining fee which allowed me to enroll at Hancock Wellness Center. She even paid for the personal trainer package and for a few months’ fees to get me started. I would like to publicly thank her! If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I’m at today so thanks, Mom.

Throughout my weight loss journey at HWC, I’ve had a few outstanding trainers and employees there that played a large role in my weight loss. I would like to thank Jackie and Hannah. As for the other trainers, front desk, dietitian, jungle gym employees and other staff, Thank You too!!

It’s been a hard and long road. Having the support from HWC you CAN achieve your goals. My main goal was to lose 50 lbs. I hit that goal in May 2017. During my time there I had other goals that would come up. HWC has many challenges throughout the year. In Jan. 2017 they had a challenge. You had to workout at least 25 days in that month. I worked out every day that month, 31 workouts. It was very difficult going every day being a wife and mother but my husband was very supportive. I won second place! I received one personal trainer appt. and a t-shirt. It’s an awesome feeling accomplishing a goal.

I’m very hopeful for my future. No matter what comes my way I know that I can work hard and take time for myself to stay on the right track. I’m glad I have a place to continue my new healthy lifestyle!”


We always love showing off our members, and the progress that they have made at our Wellness Center! Keep up the great work, Tracy. 




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