Member Success Story: Stephanie Wright

Member Success Story: Stephanie Wright

“I retired on April 28, 2017, and joined the Hancock Wellness Center in Greenfield on my way home.  A few months before that, my orthopedic surgeon told me I needed knee replacement surgery. I told him I planned on taking water aerobics classes when I retired. He agreed to wait and see how it went.

After a few months of taking classes, it was determined that I did not need the surgery after all. My balance, flexibility, overall strength have all improved. I spent the last 16 years (after a car accident) sitting at my office desk or on the couch. I took Aleve twice a day for pain for the knee and bursitis in my hip, and also for back pain. I no longer take anything for pain. In addition, my cholesterol has dropped from 269 to 198, and my blood pressure (which was high from my medications), is consistently below 110/78.

Besides all of that, I have met a lot of nice and caring people and have a lot of fun at my water aerobics classes. Water aerobics was my option once I figured out I would never have a pool of my own. I think the class is way better than just a pool.”


We always love showing off our members, and the progress that they have made at our Wellness Center! Keep up the great work, Stephanie. 




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