Member Success Story: Lydia Swint

Member Success Story: Lydia Swint

“My journey to a better me began in 2011. Newly divorced and a single mom, being over 200 pounds, lethargic and moody wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I used my bad marriage as an excuse to live an unhealthy life and that needed to stop. I started small by making one new change a routine, then changing something else and repeating that. I started by not eating my kid’s leftovers, stopped eating after 8 pm, walking or moving at least 30min a day. Small changes but they really made a difference.

I joined Hancock County Wellness Center in the spring of 2013 and that changed my life. I had never been in a gym before and I was scared and nervous at first but the exercise specialist really helped me learn the machines. The first year I only lost 5 pounds, I was discouraged and almost gave up but the staff at the Wellness Center helped me push past. I was eating back the calories I had burned in the gym. By talking to a nutritionist and changing my workout routines every few months, I was able to lose 75 pounds.

When I started I worked out 45min a day 3 times a week and now I work out 1 ½ hours a day 5 days a week and I take at least one class per week. I love taking the cardio core or sculpt and tone classes they challenge me and push me. Being healthy and staying healthy isn’t easy but it is doable for everyone.

You just can’t give up. 

The comradery from other clients, the support from the Wellness staff and the tough love from the exercise specialists keep me on track. Exercise not only helped me lose weight but also helps with depression and mood. When I have a bad day, I come in and work it off and I always feel better after. I never regret working out. My main advice is to move at least 30 min a day, don’t get overwhelmed take baby steps and enjoy the journey.”


We always love showing off our members, and the progress that they have made at our Wellness Center! Keep up the great work, Lydia. 




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