Member Success Story: Jane Lewis

Member Success Story: Jane Lewis

“I joined Hancock Wellness Center for several reasons. At first, I worked out in the pool for less stress on my knees. I had a knee replacement in Aug 2015 and again in Oct 2016. Last May I was given the doctors approval to begin the Physician 60-day referral program to gain strength.

I also enrolled in the Health and Nutrition Technology weight loss class that lasted for 20 weeks. The dieting and workouts combined have entirely changed my body shape. I look younger and feel stronger. The pain in the muscle and tissue surrounding the implant becomes less the stronger I get.

My future goals include losing another 10-15 lbs or 2 pant sizes…whichever comes first. I saw My orthopedic surgeon last week and he was pleased to see my progress. Keeping in shape is the best way to protect my other knee from needing a replacement.”

We always love showing off our members, and the progress that they have made at our Wellness Center! Keep up the great work, Jane. 




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