Member Spotlight – Scott and Holly

Member Spotlight – Scott and Holly

Meet Scott and Holly! 

Scott and Holly joined Hancock Ignite at the beginning of the year as a way to jumpstart their fitness routine and hold each other accountable by joining together. They have been dedicated to the workouts and attend classes five days a week, on average. Here are Holly’s own words on how our Ignite program has benefited their overall fitness and health!

Please tell us what you love most about the program: 

The coaches make it fun while teaching proper technique. There’s comradery and accountability with members of the class. The workouts are structured and target specific movements/muscle groups.

What personal accomplishments or goals have you achieved since starting the program? 

Scott has lost 20 pounds. Myself, Holly, have lost 12 pounds and 19 inches. Scott had knee surgery over a year ago, and was still unable to do many movements. He now has full range of motion with his knee and no pain. My main goal was to fit into a dress for our son’s wedding in July and it fits now! Both of us have become much stronger and our endurance has significantly increased. Our overall well-being is much better and it has strengthened our marriage by giving us an activity to do together.

Which coaches would you like to recognize for helping you achieve your goals? 

All 3 have been instrumental in helping us reach our goals. Eric’s knowledge with the Inbody has helped me focus on more than just my weight loss.



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