Meet the Be Well Magazine

Meet the Be Well Magazine

It may seem like Hancock Health is everywhere … in the form of publications, numerous facilities and even where you work out. That is no accident. Hancock Health is taking a holistic approach to wellness, hoping to create as many opportunities as possible for our community members to flourish within the framework of a healthy lifestyle. The newest brainchild to help incite community wellness? Be Well magazine.

Be Well magazine focuses on making health possible

From tips to recipes to success stories, Be Well is here to keep you completely inspired to continue your healthy lifestyle trajectory. Education is the first step in helping residents to understand more about their bodies, nutrition, disease prevention, disease management, exercise and more.

Hancock County has not always been a health-focused community. And many Indiana communities are similarly suffering at the hands of epidemics such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. The craziest part? Most of these are preventable with simple lifestyle changes (that can sometimes feel difficult to implement). 

Hancock Wellness Centers are a great place to begin your journey to health. The difference with Hancock Health is the accessibility to healthy lifestyle inspiration and implementation. Be Well magazine is a publication available at your local wellness centers, located in McCordsville, Greenfield and New Palestine.

Why health, why now?

Many of today’s top killers are preventable diseases that rely heavily on poor lifestyle choices to flourish within a community. Hancock Health also recognizes the uniqueness of everyone’s journey. Some people may need a simple change to help them feel their best, while others may be fighting a more uphill battle. 

This is why it our mission to make health possible for everyone, regardless of their journey. With tailored approaches and numerous ways to get involved in your own healthcare, we are hoping to carry our vision of a thriving, healthy community into the future of Hancock County. And by incorporating an educational and inspirational component through Be Well magazine, we are hoping to make it even more accessible!

Where do I start?

Grab a copy of Be Well at your local wellness center or check it out online for free. Beyond that, there are so many options when it comes to getting help from professionals for any health issues you are trying to manage.

If you are struggling with addiction or mental illness and need to address that first, our Healthy 365 Connection Center is an amazing community resource ready to get you on the road back to feeling like yourself. 

If it is a physical condition you are struggling with, Hancock physicians are known for taking a holistic approach and you will find accessible and affordable labs, urgent cares, and more through our renowned health system. 

If you are ready to start (or continue) your fitness journey, the Hancock Wellness Centers make it easy, fun, and safe with our Certified Medical Fitness Facilities, knowledgeable staff, clinical programming, group exercise, kid’s programs and more!

We will continue to do the leg work to make health possible right here in Hancock County, but it is up to YOU to take the first step. Check out Be Well magazine online!


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