Meet Hancock Well-Being Workplace Wellness

Meet Hancock Well-Being Workplace Wellness

Meet Hancock Well-Being Workplace Wellness: How It Works

Workplace wellness programs come in different shapes and sizes, from a friendly weight-loss competition among coworkers to extensive health and wellness program offerings, health assessments, on-site vaccine clinics, gym memberships and more. Hancock Well-Being and Hancock Wellness Centers Workplace Wellness Program make it easy for local employers to plug into a comprehensive wellness program designed to create happier, healthier and well employees and cut down on medical costs and productivity challenges. 

Hancock Well-Being’s Workplace Wellness Program has been designed to work directly with employers who want to support healthier employees and reduce health-related costs and issues related to diminished productivity and absenteeism. With three conveniently located Hancock Wellness Centers (the only Medical Fitness Association–certified facilities in the region), the Hancock Well-Being Workplace Wellness Program is ready to provide assessments, classes and opportunities for employees to improve their physical and mental health. 

What we can do for your employees

The Hancock Well-Being Workplace Wellness Program offers several layers of oversight and expertise to ensure that employers and their employees work in safe, effective environments. As an affiliate of Hancock Health, participants receive professional clinical oversight that personalizes the wellness program to their individual needs. Our wellness staff is fully certified and licensed. They understand that there’s no cookie-cutter approach to wellness, and they ensure that all wellness activities are done safely. Every program is backed by Hancock Health System’s expertise, and participants can be referred to medical professionals or educational programs as necessary to combat issues like diabetes, weight control or smoking cessation. 

Where it all happens

Three Hancock Wellness Centers in Greenfield, McCordsville and New Palestine allow participants to enjoy a location that is convenient and close to home. They may opt to work out on their own or swim a few laps in the six available pools. They’ll also be able to access nutrition consultants, cooking classes, wellness education, fitness classes and personal training. Clinical programs such as our Cancer Fit, Cardiac Rehab and Wellness Journey programs target those employees who have specific health challenges. The centers also offer community events, on-site childcare, and Kids Fit programs. 

Maybe you’re not ready to invest in a comprehensive membership program that includes fitness classes and gym memberships. That’s OK. You can still support your employees’ happier and healthier lives through other avenues. Hancock Well-Being and Hancock Wellness Centers offer several on-site health clinics, including lab testing, mental health screening, blood pressure screening and personal health education. 

How it works

When an interested employer reaches out, they’re paired with a Hancock Well-Being representative who determines the organization’s specific needs and options. Some employers may be looking for a basic discount program. Others may prefer a more medically based program, with clinical interventions as needed. Once a program is created, our experts create an employee kickoff that spells out the wellness services and pricing options. 

Evidence suggests that wellness programs have a healthy return on the employer’s investments. A study published in the “American Journal of Cardiology” found that employees participating in a workplace wellness program showed significant improvements in mental health and total health risk. Engaged members in medical fitness facilities provide more than a 20% reduction in medical claims and prescription spending. 

Everyone wins with the Hancock Well-Being Workplace Wellness Program! Want to learn more about these options for your business?

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