Medically Certified Hancock Wellness Centers Are Focused on Community Health and Safety

Medically Certified Hancock Wellness Centers Are Focused on Community Health and Safety

Exercise is an important element of health for every individual. What happens, though, if you have certain risk factors or a chronic illness that limit your ability to attend a local gym or exercise on your own? Enter Hancock Wellness Centers!

Because it maintains a Medical Fitness Certification, the Hancock Wellness Centers can help you to meet your fitness goals, support your health and keep you safe under the guiding eye of certified exercise specialists.


Under the Hancock Health System umbrella, including Hancock Regional Hospital, Hancock Wellness Centers are able to deliver patients a healthy dose of fitness at an affordable price. Located conveniently in New Palestine, McCordsville and Greenfield, these centers offer a full range of classes for all abilities and levels. They provide Physician Referral Programs in which attendees spend 60 days gaining strength, agility, and coordination under direct guidance and supervision of specialists.

Hancock Wellness Centers also offer clinical programs that provide a place for everyone to work out regardless of their ability, condition, or risk factors. Among those programs, educational diabetes care programs are offered in all three locations as well as Safe Sitter CPR courses, childbirth preparatory classes, and smoking cessation courses and support groups, to name a few. Programs that maintain the body-mind connection are also available, as mental and emotional health are important components of overall well-being.

Hancock Wellness Centers are medically certified.

Thanks to their Medical Fitness Certification, these centers are officially able to provide medically sound prevention and rehabilitation programs that aim to keep patients safe and healthy. This in-depth certification requires many steps for the facility, including:

  • A degreed, certified and licensed staff
  • Active regular medical oversight by a physician
  • Disease management and prevention programs
  • Individualized health screenings
  • Testing and outcome tracking for measurable results
  • A focus on improving community health

With a focus on improving community health as their main goal, Hancock Wellness Centers are quickly becoming a healthy asset to the residents of Hancock County. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been struggling with a chronic illness or risk factors for some time, let this year be the one in which you put your health at the forefront. Make sure to check out the Physician Referral Program, clinical programs, and the plethora of classes as well as membership options so you can step into tomorrow with better stamina, strength, and self-esteem!


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