Looking for More Than a Gym?

Looking for More Than a Gym?

You may be surprised to find that the Hancock Health Wellness Centers are more than a gym. We have many of the same amenities as your traditional workout facility, but we also offer a variety of services that help our members to not only feel healthy and fit, but to know that they are achieving a lifetime of wellness. 

More than a gym

When you hear the word “gym,” what comes to mind? Maybe a running track, treadmills, equipment and sometimes even a pool? You may even come across a personal trainer or two at your everyday gym. These amenities are certainly a great start in helping you to begin or continue getting your daily or weekly dose of exercise. But Hancock Health Wellness Centers take it a step further…

Personalized fitness for everybody

Because we are affiliated with Hancock Health, we can offer a variety of services and programs that you would never find at your local gym. Our facilities are called wellness centers for a reason: we take your whole-body wellness into account, not just how much weight you can bench press. 

Our personal trainers are exercise specialists who know how to help you achieve your goals AND create a healthy lifestyle. They can show you how to use equipment, work with you to create your own fitness program and help you keep track of your progress. Working with all levels and capabilities is important for us here at the Hancock Health Wellness Centers, so no matter your fitness level, you will find something to help you get moving again.

Clinical Programs and a Medical Fitness Certification to help you feel safe working out

Our facilities are Medical Fitness Certified, which means we have the knowledge and resources to help those with differing medical challenges. Our Clinical Programs and Physician Referral Program are just some of the ways we help our community members who might not feel comfortable exercising without professional guidance. 

Physician Referral Programs help those with high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and other chronic conditions or illnesses to have supervised exercise for up to 60 minutes a day, three times a week while also meeting with other members of our staff, such as our dietitians and more. Clinical programming for those who have conditions that make exercising difficult, such as Parkinson’s, cancer, arthritis and more, are available at all of our Hancock Health Wellness Centers under the guidance of our knowledgeable Hancock Health professionals and staff.

Learn how to fuel your body

We have registered dietitians on staff to help provide guidance to our members about all things nutrition and food related. By understanding how to fuel your body, you will not only perform better in your workouts, but you will also begin to feel better in your everyday routine, significantly impacting your ability to lead a fulfilling life!

Our Hancock Health Wellness Centers are so much more than a gym

We believe in a holistic approach to fitness. We have the resources to help each of our members feel supported on their unique health and fitness journeys. And don’t forget that we also offer diabetes education, massage, tons of group exercise classes, many classes and support groups, and more. If you are ready to join the movement to create a healthier Hancock County, then call or visit one of our three locations in McCordsville, Greenfield and New Palestine or check out the website for more information!


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