Living With A Renewed Perspective

Living With A Renewed Perspective

We have embarked on a journey that no one would have hoped for but through it many of us have gained new perspectives and appreciations. Things that we often take for granted now have new meaning, including getting together to catch up with family, friends, and neighbors, waking up each morning to go to a job that helps support our family, feeling safe to walk into a grocery store to buy food and other necessities.


Wellness is a part of all of our lives and when we live with a more positive perspective, challenges and difficult situations in life may not seem as bad.  Sometimes we grow the most or our eyes are opened to things we may have never noticed when we are in the valleys of life.  Grow through the challenges, don’t just go through the challenges.  
Many of us have had the time to slow down and reflect on the things that we truly value.  Let’s not miss out on using this time to work towards living with a more grateful heart.  

Gratitude expression is uniquely important to psychological well-being and linked to enhanced positive emotions, resilience, better coping skills, and an improved ability to manage stress, and an increase in happiness (Sansone  & Sansone, 2010. Wood, Joseph, & Maltby, 2009)


Ways to show gratitude:


1.) Reach out and do a favor for someone (provide a meal for someone going through a hard time, take treats or flowers to friends or neighbors to brighten their day, etc.) 
2.) Provide encouragement (meet someone in person, send a text or a handwritten letter to lift them up or provide encouragement in some area of their life)
3.) Pay it forward, tip a waiter/waitress well or perform a random act of kindness
4.) Be present and an active listener (there are so many distractions around us so live in the moment and truly be there to listen to someone) 
5.) Donate to a charity or volunteer your time 
6.) Pray for others/keep a journal of your blessings 
7.) Smile! (smiles are often contagious and can instantly brighten someone’s day)
8.) Send a thank-you note to someone (healthcare worker, teacher, police officer, firefighter, mail carrier, pastor, etc.)
9.) Be patient with someone/forgive someone 
10.) Compliment others/Celebrate victories/achievements with others

Action Step: Write down 5-10 things you are grateful for in life at the present time and pick 1 way to show gratitude toward someone else over the next couple of weeks.


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