Journey to Wellness – Scott & Holly Gohring – Part 1

Journey to Wellness – Scott & Holly Gohring – Part 1

On a Journey To Wellness, Scott and Holly Gohring of McCordsville, Indiana have lost a combined 61 pounds over the past year by learning to eat better and exercise more. They visit the Hancock Wellness Center throughout the week and eat a healthy diet – a far cry from their past.

When they began working out together again in early 2017, at Hancock Wellness Center in McCordsville, Scott and Holly Gohring admit it had been more than 20 years since they’d been inside a gym. The Gohrings, who live in McCordsville, were almost 50 years old. They were carrying some extra weight, they say, and it was time to make a change.

Now some of that extra weight – Holly, 36-pounds and Scott, 25-pounds – is gone, thanks to regular workouts at Hancock Wellness Center and a shared commitment to eating healthy.

What lead the pair to join Hancock Wellness Center can be attributed, in large part, to Holly’s father passing. His health had steadily declined, she says, due to his physical inactivity, and she became determined not to make those same mistakes. Scott too was motivated to live a healthier lifestyle, along with wanting to participate with his wife in her wellness journey.

Scott recalls walking into the gym for the first time again in 2016. “It was pretty intimidating, going in there with a bunch of young people, and they were into it (fitness), and we didn’t know how to work out.” This was early in their search for a gym they liked. Holly says “We never felt like we belonged there, and we actually gained 10-pounds while members at that gym.” They continued their search and knew they had found their new home gym when they walked into the Hancock Wellness Center. Holly explains, “When we walked in, it didn’t feel like a gym. It feels like a family place – very welcoming and inviting.”


Stay tuned for Part 2 & 3 of Scott & Holly’s Journey to Wellness!


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