Journey to Wellness – Scott & Holly Gohring – Part 2

Journey to Wellness – Scott & Holly Gohring – Part 2

Soon after joining The Hancock Wellness Center, the Gohring’s joined the Journey to Wellness program which walked them through the process of learning to lose weight. The Journey to Wellness is a 10-week program that offers one-on-one coaching to help you succeed in your journey to wellness. The Gohring’s worked with a registered dietitian, certified wellcoach, and an exercise specialist that guided them through training sessions and taught them how to eat healthy.

“A month into the program we realized our knowledge about nutrition was starting to grow and we began to understand it,” Scott says. “Then, the big changes started happening when the diet and exercise knowledge came together.” Scott says he noticed a boost in energy that he hadn’t expected. I went for 20 years not working out, but I thought I was doing the right things health wise…You don’t know what you don’t know.”

With help from their coaches, Scott and Holly realized that they were dependent on sugar type foods to get through the day. They also had been eating out three to four times a week and grabbing fast-food lunches. “The program has helped us to realize why it’s important for us to eat more natural, unprocessed foods at home.” Holly says. “Now we understand why it’s important to eat healthy fresh vegetables more often, and to watch our portions.”

They’ve also learned to plan ahead. “We were headed out of town last weekend and I knew we’d be stopping at a fast-food place on the way, so I made a sandwich to take with me as a healthy alternative,” Holly says. Scott adds, “Instead of always reacting to hunger, we’re planning ahead and thinking about our next meal so we can make healthy choices.”

Their healthy choices also involve regular trips to the gym, where they work out together after work or when life deems it necessary. “We don’t consider ourselves gym rats by any means, but if I’m having a stressful day or a horrible day, I’ll use my lunch break to go to the gym and use that time as a stress reliever,” Scott says.

Each credits the other’s support for their success. “We have our weak moments and want ice cream,” Scott says.

We still do…get ice cream or pizza, but now we do it less [often] and make it a treat,” Holly says. It’s not that we’ve given anything up, but that we’ve gained so much in the knowledge about nutrition and the role it plays in our life.”

That knowledge was gained with the help of exercise specialist, Stephanie Swann, and dietician Michelle Graves, a Registered Dietician, Clinical Dietician, and Certified Health and Wellness Coach at Hancock Wellness Center.

Stephanie says that her role in a Journey To Wellness is that of a guide. “I’m the driver of the car. I’m a motivator. I let them come up with their goals, and wants, and needs, and how they view themselves, and I drive the car as they navigate. All journeys are a little different, even if they have the exact same goal.”

“What I love about Hancock Wellness Center is that Michelle and I are able to reach out and hold member’s hands with continuing education classes at the Greenfield and McCordsville locations. We have talks and mini-workouts, plus stress management discussions, and a private Facebook page set up for folks to check-in and receive support,” Stephanie says. To make members feel even more comfortable when visiting Hancock Wellness Center, Stephanie says that everyone who joins is introduced to the staff so that they have a familiar face they can recognize when visiting.


Check back for the third and final part of Scott & Holly’s Journey to Wellness


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