A Journey to Wellness – Jane’s Story

A Journey to Wellness – Jane’s Story

A genuine smile.

A contagious laugh.

An honest friend.

A person who would do anything for others.

These are just a few ways that friends would describe Jane Barton.

Recently, Jane greeted hundreds of these same friends as she celebrated her son’s high school graduation and departure to college.  As true to her description, Jane shared laughs.  She greeted friends with warm smiles.  She pitched-in to help wherever needed, even as she attended others’ parties.

It was fun and rewarding.  However, the long hours of standing not only took a toll on Jane physically, but the experience also led Jane to personal reflection.

“At the end of it, my back was hurting from standing so long.  And, as I looked ahead to the things that I know will be coming in the next few years – my other son’s graduation, weddings and other celebrations – I want to be able to enjoy these even more.  I want to feel better,” Jane said.

“I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I knew I wanted to get healthier.”

A few weeks later, Yvette Dixon, Program and Operations Manager for Hancock Wellness, contacted Jane to tell her about a new program available at Hancock Health – A Journey to Wellness.

Understandably, Jane had a few questions about the program:

Q. How long is it?
A. 10 weeks

Q. What does it entail?
A. Skilled and experience professionals from Hancock Health partner with you for nutritional, behavioral and physical coaching.

Q. Can we start after that Hancock County Fair? (After all, who wants to miss the Tri Kappa donuts and the dairy barn milkshakes?)
A. Yes!

Jane agreed to give it a try.  With the simple goal of becoming healthier, Jane started the program in the summer of 2016.

Learn more about Jane’s Journey to Wellness in our next 4 blog posts.


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