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More than one in five Indiana adults smoke cigarettes, one of the highest rates in the nation, and the number of youth using vaping products remains a concern, as well. Moreover, secondhand smoke is estimated to cause over 1,300 deaths among Hoosiers each year.

Hancock County has had a strong smoke-free air law with comprehensive language in place since 2009 and has aided in a healthier community to live, work, and play. Strong smoke-free-air laws protect more than workers; they protect all residents from secondhand smoke in public places.

We are proud to live in a community where our smoke-free air law allows all residents, workers, and visitors to breathe easy in our workplaces and public places.


Building a healthier community through the prevention and cessation of tobacco use is at the core of the Tobacco Free Hancock County Coalition’s efforts, along with increasing tobacco free youth activism and increasing the proportion of Hoosiers not exposed to secondhand smoke.

If you have questions or want to get involved in the Tobacco Free Hancock County Coalition’s efforts, visit the Hancock County Tobacco Free Coalition on Facebook.

Creating a Strong Quit Strategy

Looking for smoking cessation help and a strong quit strategy? We can help in finding solutions to quit smoking or using other tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes or vaping.

Did you know Hancock Health offers a four-week smoking cessation course, with a new course beginning every few months?

Hancock County Commit To Quit Classes 

Hancock County Commit To Quit classes are for adults who want to conquer their addiction to nicotine and tobacco products. Research shows that one successful way to quit is to combine cessation classes along with support from your healthcare provider, who can help advise you about medications that may help with your tobacco cessation efforts!

Trained instructors offer this program every other month and classes meet once a week for four weeks. Best of all, the classes are free of charge! You will learn what it takes to be tobacco-free! Participants must attend each session.

To register for Commit To Quit or for more information, contact Brandee Bastin by calling (317) 468.4162, or by e-mailing her at You may also register online by visiting

Additional Resources:

  • FREE Indiana Tobacco Quitline: Challenge yourself to go tobacco-free for 30 days with the help of the Indiana Tobacco Quitline. Call (800) QUIT-NOW to get started or Text READY to 200-400” to the Indiana Quitline Resource.

  • Stay Away From Tobacco: The American Cancer Society offers online resources for those trying to quit, and for parents and communities like ours hoping to keep new smokers from starting.

  • Quitting is a journey, and this site offers tools, tips, and social media connections to help along the way and strengthen your determination.

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