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Did you know Hancock County has been one of the Wellness Council of Indiana’s recognized healthy communities through the Indiana Healthy Communities Initiative (IHC) since September 2016 by implementing six key components?

  • Community Understanding

  • Data- Driven Decisions

  • Leadership and Advocacy

  • Collective Vision & Action

  • Citizen Involvement

  • Effective Communication

As a community, Hancock County has many healthy attributes to tout. Our local smoking ordinances exceed Indiana’s current laws, we have low crimes rates and safe places to gather, as well as excellent infrastructure and school systems. We also have good career opportunities and an educated workforce.

At a state-wide level, we are ranked 6th/92 counties for health outcomes, and 5th/92 counties for health factors, which is a beautiful foundation for continuing to build a culture where getting healthy, staying healthy, and making sure our children grow up healthy are top priorities.

Working with our community to optimize health through services, programs, support groups and health and wellness education provides value to our residents and fuels a unified effort toward our common goal: better health for everyone.

Learn More About How We’re Building a Culture of Health Together

What is the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

Did you know every three years, the community is surveyed in order to improve our programs, support groups and continue providing health and wellness value to our residents?

The assessment survey was developed to identify the significant health needs in the community and gaps that may exist in services provided. Hancock Health’s population health department, Hancock Well-Being and Healthy365, assists in conducting the survey and analyzing the data. Questionnaires are dispersed via paper copies, electronically, via various social media outlets and through partnered agencies. Our last survey was done in 2020.

By documenting the healthcare needs of a community through an assessment survey, healthcare organizations can design and implement cost-effective strategies that improve the health of the population served, as well as, uncover key health needs and concerns related to education, prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

Since 2014, the top five concerns uncovered by the assessment survey have been constant. However, in the last two years, we’ve seen the cost of healthcare, insurance, and medication jump to the top concerns.

  • Cost of health insurance, healthcare, and/or medications
  • Addictions and drug overdoses
  • Mental health and suicide
  • Chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.)
  • Obesity

There are several goals that our CHNA survey helps to accomplish, including:

  • Identifying community health needs
  • Identifying health services offered in the service area
  • Identifying significant gaps in health needs and services offered
  • Identifying barriers to meeting any health needs that may exist
  • Strengthening relationships with local community leaders, healthcare leaders, providers, other health service organizations, and the community at large
  • Providing quantitative and qualitative data to help guide future strategic planning, policy, and business and clinical programming decisions

Find a copy of our most recent comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) here: 2020 Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Strategy 

We look forward to continuing to working with our community to optimize health and meet the Hancock Regional Hospital mission as caring community partners, by healing, improving health and wellness, alleviating suffering, and delivering acts of kindness – one patient at a time. 

What is the 5-2-1-0 Program in Hancock County?

5210 is a national youth fitness and nutrition program aimed to help parents learn how they can support their children’s health and prevent obesity, including eating well, moving more and feeling better. Researchers at Penn State developed the initiative, and it is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatricians. Did you know Hancock County has a 5-2-1-0 initiative?

The program aims to have children:

  • Consume 5 fruits and vegetables a day
  • Limit recreational screen time to 2 hours or less
    per day
  • Engage in at least 1 hour of active play
  • Drink 0 sugar-sweetened beverages

In Hancock County, Hancock Health and Healthy365 worked with Leadership Hancock County to tailor a 5-2-1-0 initiative to the community. It is a six-week curriculum for second graders and includes water bottles and fitness trackers as incentives for students who participate in and complete the program. It is a great age for children to start forming their own healthy habits, trying new things, and learning that nutrition and physical activity can be quite fun.

The curriculum has built-in challenges throughout the six weeks, based on the different concepts being discussed. The challenges are food-based, encouraging students to try a new fruit and vegetable, make a fruit salad, or make “ants on a log” as a snack.

Other challenges are tailored specifically to Hancock County residents, such as visiting a Greenfield park or spending time exercising on the Pennsy Trail.

Explore the Hancock County Trail Plan

In 2018 the Hancock County Trails Plan was adopted. It is a county-wide trails plan to help improve non-motorized accessibility, promote safety for bicyclists and pedestrians, and make the communities of Greenfield, Cumberland, New Palestine, McCordsville, Fortville, Shirley, and Wilkinson more enjoyable places to live and visit.

The plan is a vision of what the trail network might look like in 25 to 30 years. The plan is not “set in stone” and is reviewed periodically, as development occurs throughout the county.

Currently, there are many miles of trails in Hancock County and growing!

Physical Wellness Options in Hancock County

A large portion of our overall health comes down to the choices we make – nutrition, exercise, healthfully coping with stress, not abusing illegal or prescribed substances, and quitting tobacco.

No matter your fitness level or health need, our three conveniently located Hancock Wellness Centers in Greenfield, McCordsville and New Palestine offer a variety of health and wellness services to help members achieve happier and well lives.

Exercise is medicine, and there are so many options in Hancock County, from the Hancock Wellness Centers to parks and trails and annual events. It’s so easy to get out an move it.

Mental Health & Spiritual Wellness Support in Hancock County

Since 2018, Hancock Health and Healthy365 have made great strides in identifying gaps in mental health and substance abuse services and programs within Hancock County. Together, we are working to normalize the mental health and substance abuse dialogue within our community. Over the last few years and thanks to generous donations, we’ve been able to add and fund the following:

  • Rise Above It, an annual emotional health & wellness event
  • QPR, local suicide prevention training
  • Bring Change to Mind Clubs at area schools
  • Additional Social Workers
  • Additional Support Navigators

Additionally, we know that spiritual wellness is an important part of daily life for many Hancock County residents. The Healthy365 Congregational Network is a partnership with local churches to help our community be the healthiest it can be. The Healthy365 team connects church partners to individuals and families for faith-based support.

Healthy365 actively works with congregations and the community to provide educational classes and support groups that can lead to healthier, happier and well lives and better mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

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