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Hancock Health and Hancock Well-Being are committed to addressing the top community health needs and fueling healthy communities in Greenfield Hancock County, while focusing on the whole health of individuals. We strongly believe healthier, happier and well lives are possible with a priority on physical activity, nutrition guidance, stress management and wellness education.

Working with our healthy communities in New Palestine, McCordsville, and Greenfield, to optimize health through services, programs, support groups and health and wellness education provides value to our residents. Some of these initiatives include: tobacco cessation, Hancock Flat 50, Hancock Trail Plan, 5-2-1-0 and other physical, mental and spiritual wellness programs.

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

Did you know every three years, the community is surveyed in order to improve our programs, support groups and continue providing health and wellness value to our residents?

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Hancock County’s initiatives, programs, and events impact the county through prevention, education, intervention, support, and community engagement.


It’s All Possible with Hancock Health. We’re Making Health Possible, Today and Every Day.

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