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Hancock Well-Being Physician Referral Program

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Did you know you can get supervised exercise for 60 minutes, three times a week, for 60 days with the physician referral program? Yes, our clinical programs give you the guidance you need to find wellness your way.

Especially helpful for individuals dealing with a chronic disease or multiple health risk factors, Hancock Well-Being’s physician referral program is a great place to start your journey to a healthier, happier and well you.


How the Physician Referral Program Works

It all starts with a physician referral program from your healthcare provider. Each enrollee receives a comprehensive health and fitness assessment, which serves as the base for a personalized exercise program, including any special considerations included in the referral form.

Talk to your doctor about participating in our 60-day supervised exercise program. It starts with a baseline fitness assessment, which provides the foundation for a customized exercise program. You can participate in the physician referral program for up to three days per week for two months, and each supervised session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. At $60, it’s great value for something as important as your health.

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