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As the only certified medical fitness center in the region, Hancock Well-Being and the Hancock Wellness Centers are far more than just a fitness facilities and exercise classes. Our team of health and well-being experts help residents and employers alike achieve healthier, happier and well lives. How you ask?

Backed by the clinical excellence of Hancock Regional Hospital and led by medically qualified experts, our services and programs focus on overall well-being, mind, body and soul and include support for nutrition, arthritis, cardiovascular health, health risk reduction, diabetes care and so much more. We also offer a physician referral exercise programs for citizens to quit smoking in Hancock County.

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A healthy life starts with healthier choices, and we can help you get there.


A healthy life starts with healthier choices and Hancock Well-Being is here to help with a balanced combination of physical activity, nutrition guidance, stress management and wellness education.

A large portion of our overall health comes down to the choices we make – nutrition, exercise, healthfully coping with stress, not abusing illegal or prescribed substances and quitting tobacco.

Our team is here to help you find the right mix for improved physical wellness to quit smoking in Hancock County.

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