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Who We Are

At Hancock CrossFit we believe that fitness is an all-inclusive term; an individual should be proficient at any physical task or demand placed in front of them, whether in the gym or out in everyday life. Rather than focusing on singular, traditional aspects of fitness, such as cardiovascular endurance or muscular strength, we train through a broad spectrum of modalities in our group classes.

Our goal with each workout is to maximize your effort levels because that is what helps you attain measurable results. We vary all the trainable components of a workout on a daily basis to obtain total body fitness, not just in one area. Workouts are professionally structured by our certified coaches and may vary in length, but never in intensity.  We structure the workouts with a focus on weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, traditional cardio, or a combination of all three elements.

Hancock CrossFit is not a typical gym; in fact, we are more like an athletic team. Each workout is organized into a team “practice.” The team will warm-up together, practice skills, focus on developing total body strength, condition together, and finally cool down together. The camaraderie and energy are contagious; whatever you can do on your own, you will do significantly better in this culture and environment.  Even while you’re doing the most difficult workout you think you have ever done, you are pushing through it and having fun while working out with a group of people who quickly become your friends. The people who succeed in our programs are those who are willing to get outside of their comfort zones to achieve life-changing results.

Level of Classes

At this level, you will participate in our standard classes, but movements will be at a lower skill and intensity level. We recommend this level for anyone new to CrossFit and looking to improve their overall HEALTH.

This is our standard class programming option. We utilize constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity to improve your FITNESS.

This level is reserved for athletes looking to improve their PERFORMANCE. This level will prepare those looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit.


Full benefits of a Hancock Wellness Center membership to all 3 locations PLUS:

  • Unlimited access to all Hancock CrossFit classes at our New Pal and Greenfield locations
  • Access to all coaches for assistance with your goals and needs
  • Exclusive access to our community through a private app

If you are interested in learning more about our CrossFit program, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. Consultations include a 30-minute No-Sweat Introduction, where the prospective member can meet with one of our coaches, discuss individual goals, ask questions, tour the facility, etc.

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