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Hancock Wellness Center

Your Wellness Journey Starts Here

Hancock Wellness Center

Your Wellness Journey Starts Here

Looking to elevate your health? There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. Every person has unique needs, preferences and challenges. Find your wellness niche at Hancock Well-Being Wellness Centers and get connected with a strong inclusive wellness community.

Healthier. Happier. Well.

Backed by the clinical excellence of Hancock Regional Hospital, Hancock Well-Being and its three conveniently located Hancock Wellness Centers help residents and employers alike achieve healthier, happier and well lives.

Whether you’re looking for an exercise facility, a full-service wellness advocate or a comprehensive workplace wellness program, there’s no better option. Hancock Well-Being has the resources and support to help you take your well-being to new heights. From strength and cardio equipment, indoor basketball and group classes to nutrition, weight management, employee-based clinics, massage and so much more, we have it all!

Our facilities and wellness services are tailored specifically to help you or your organization reach health and wellness goals.

Need help getting started? We’re here for you. Contact us today to schedule a tour, explore workplace wellness or to become a Hancock Wellness Center member.

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