Hancock Wellness Centers Revolutionize Community’s Health

Hancock Wellness Centers Revolutionize Community’s Health

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” –Mahatma Gandhi

The older we get, the wiser Gandhi becomes, right? We tend to think about the money we spend in terms of the immediate return: purchasing a Starbucks, saving a few dollars here and there on a grocery trip, or buying the newest video game. When it comes to our health, though, we may need to focus on making long-term investments instead of expecting immediate returns. With healthcare costs and chronic illness on the minds of many in our community, we can be grateful for places like Hancock Wellness Centers in which to invest our overall health and well-being.

Located in McCordsville, New Palestine, and Greenfield, Hancock Wellness Centers provide an easy starting point for those wanting to take control of their health. These state-of-the-art facilities are not only beautiful — they offer amenities such as spa locker rooms, saunas, swimming pools, hot tubs and advanced exercise equipment — but are also completely integrated within the Hancock Health System. That means members can access highly qualified exercise specialists, dieticians, and other professionals who can help them achieve measurable results on their health journey. In fact, all three facilities have achieved Medical Fitness Certification as well as Exercise as Medicine partnership status with the American College of Sports Medicine.

Wellness tailored for you

Joel Hungate, director of all three Hancock Wellness Centers, lists investment in prevention as the most cost-effective healthcare possible. He and his staff strive to ensure that members are given every opportunity to achieve their goals. When a new member joins, they can expect a fitness assessment by an exercise professional to assess their body’s biometrics. From there, again with the help of the professionals on staff, they can begin to formulate exactly what they want from their exercise or wellness regimen. “Physical activity, nutrition, and healthcare education are the three main pillars of a healthy lifestyle,” asserts Hungate. Hancock Wellness Centers offer all three.

A change in perspective

With dieticians on staff as well as equipment to monitor everything from cardiovascular health to diabetes, the team engages high-risk Hancock Health patients as well CrossFit professionals. Healthcare education is also a huge part of the Wellness Centers and is offered to the larger community as well as HWC members. It is by shifting the mindset from addressing problems once they are bigger and more difficult to tackling the smaller problems with a plan of prevention that Hungate and his team are helping to keep the community of Hancock County healthy.

Affordable health

Hungate and his HWC staff aren’t just dedicated to providing a high-quality wellness experience. They’re also committed to ensuring affordability. By keeping member costs reasonable, they aim to make a bigger impact on the community, especially those who may find the financial obligation a hindrance. Individual memberships start at $47 a month, which includes access to every part of the facility as well as the professionals on staff. Couples memberships run $78, and family memberships are $94 per month. Personal training and massage are available for an extra cost. 

A family affair

Kids are welcome to have their own wellness experience at Hancock Wellness Centers. The Jungle Club provides extremely affordable childcare, costing families only a flat rate of $20 per month for unlimited visits, regardless of the number of children. Hungate says that his facilities provide this service so parents don’t feel hindered in their health journey. They can exercise while their children have their own fun. Kids Fit is another program designed to get little ones moving with fun classes like swimming lessons, kid Zumba and other programming targeted at increasing the health of the youngest members of our community.

No excuses!

Hancock Wellness Centers are constantly moving forward, applying innovation and technology to further the health of members and residents in Hancock County. As a national thought leader, Hancock Wellness Centers draw institutions from all over the country to see how they successfully integrate clinical programs alongside traditional exercise programs in order to create a fully robust curriculum for anyone seeking wellness, regardless of their starting point. By removing barriers such as childcare, cost, and the hindrance of underlying health conditions, Hancock Wellness Centers are truly dedicated to prevention as medicine. If you’d like to join the wellness revolution, head on over to HWC’s website or visit one of their three locations for more information.


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