Hancock Wellness Center Ultimate Challenge

Hancock Wellness Center Ultimate Challenge

The Hancock Wellness Center locations are excited to announce the sign up for this year’s (much anticipated) Ultimate Challenge! It is a great chance to push yourself farther and have more fun with your day-to-day workout routine! Read on for all the details YOU need to bring out your inner warrior. 

Will you take on the Hancock Wellness Center Ultimate Challenge this month?

The challenge is this: A fun fitness competition between you and other members of your local wellness center. You sign up, choose a team and off you go! Teams are led by our trainers and staff, and who you choose will depend on what level of crazy you can bring to the table. Alongside your fitness coach, you will compete for grand prizes and the chance to talk some serious smack.  

<h2>It’s not about how much you can bench-press</h2> 

Consider this competition a friendly one. You won’t need to be able to squat, deadlift or bench-press like Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a part of the Ultimate Challenge. All you need is a desire for a fun way to achieve your own set of fitness goals through teamwork. 

The Ultimate Challenge is a great way to meet others in our wellness community and be held accountable to a team as well as yourself. When it comes to starting or continuing a fitness journey, motivation and accountability can make you even more successful in meeting any goals you set for yourself. And in the end, that is what we are here to help you do!

What you need to know about the Hancock Wellness Center Ultimate Challenge:

Ready to jump in? Here is all the info you need: 

Sign up runs September 5-11 at your local wellness center. Just head to the front desk and let them know you are ready to take on the Ultimate Challenge! You will then choose a team to join. Will you pick The Warriors? The Crazy Crew? Joanie’s Jacked Jumping Jacks? Only time will tell.  

The competition runs September 18-30. Get ready to try your hardest during these days to meet those goals alongside your team and fitness coach! You will compete for prizes and help learn what truly motivates you to continue your health and fitness journey. 

Good news: If you are a non-member you can still participate! That’s right, you will not only get to join the Ultimate Challenge, but you will also get FREE access to our facility all month long! Tell you friends! 

The Ultimate Challenge is a great way to get moving with other members of our community this September. Sign up to compete and have a great time getting healthy this month!  


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