Hancock Health Wellness Center Trainer Spotlight: Morgan Cole

Hancock Health Wellness Center Trainer Spotlight: Morgan Cole

The Hancock Health Wellness Center team of trainers is a dedicated group of professionals who help members have a better experience and an easier time navigating the sometimes-confusing journey toward fitness. This trainer spotlight gives patrons the chance to get to know their trainers on a more personal level. Today, we are highlighting Morgan Cole, who works at the Hancock Health McCordsville Wellness Center.

Meet Morgan Cole, Hancock Health McCordsville Wellness Center Trainer 

Morgan has been working as a trainer in the McCordsville location for almost a year. She is passionate about helping all people discover what works for them and in creating what feels like a balanced life of fitness. She enjoys how Hancock Health is engaged with the needs of the community and how they provide opportunities for residents to make a lasting impact in their lives through health and wellness.

We asked Morgan some quick questions to get to know more about what drives her to help people on their fitness journey at the Hancock Health McCordsville Wellness Center

Why are you passionate about health and wellness?

I’m passionate about health & wellness because exercise, healthy eating, self-care, and practicing mindfulness are all activities that don’t have a “one size fits all” solution. I love helping people find what works for them and figure out the balance between these activities that improve not only their health, but other aspects of their daily life as well.

Favorite group class or program?

My favorite program is Ignite (soon to be CrossFit) because of the amazing community that participates in the classes who help motivate you to continue to work on yourself, as well as helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Favorite show to binge watch?

Criminal Minds

Favorite healthy snack?

Frozen blueberries

Favorite Indiana season and why?

My favorite season is summer because I enjoy outdoor activities like going to the lake or taking walks and bike rides on the Monon trail.

Best advice for new members?

Don’t be afraid to try something new! The Wellness Center offers so many opportunities for its members to find out what kind of exercises they want to participate in and enjoy doing.

In your opinion, how does Hancock Health make Health Possible for residents?

Hancock Health makes health possible by staying engaged with its community and what their needs are, as well as providing opportunities like a No Sweat Introduction at their Wellness Centers. This allows new or previous members to feel comfortable coming into the gym and provides them with exercises to participate in that are tailored to their health & wellness goals.

Thank you, Morgan, for helping our members to find balance and enjoyment through fitness!


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