Hancock Health Wellness Center Trainer Spotlight: Jonie Shidler

Hancock Health Wellness Center Trainer Spotlight: Jonie Shidler

The trainers at our Hancock Health Wellness Centers are passionate about working with our members to help them on their journey toward reaching their fitness goals. That is why we want to highlight their amazing work in this blog series. This month, we are spotlighting Jonie Shidler, who works at our Greenfield location! 

Meet Jonie Shidler, Hancock Health Greenfield Wellness Center Trainer 

Jonie has been on staff at Greenfield for 6 years and loves to see how excited her clients become when they succeed in reaching their goals. She enjoys the range of programs offered and helping people of all levels to find their way to a healthier life.

We asked Jonie some quick questions to get to know more about her as a person and why she likes working at the Hancock Health Wellness Center Greenfield

Why are you passionate about health and wellness?

I enjoy helping people start their health and fitness journey and seeing their excitement as they start reaching their goals. 

Favorite group class or program?

One of my favorite programs here is the clinical exercise program, but then I have 3 favorite group classes and they include POUND, Cycling and my Core Blast Small Group.

Favorite show to binge watch?

A couple of favorites are Hart of Dixie, New Girl and Friends.

Favorite Indiana season and why?

Summer because I don’t like cold weather and I enjoy being outside.

Best advice for new members?

Pace yourself when first starting off because, if you do everything all in one week, you can easily get burnt out and very sore. Try something new and never be afraid to ask for help. That’s why we are here!

In your opinion, how does Hancock Health make Health Possible for residents?

I believe they make health possible by offering so many different programs that pertain to so many different people.

Thanks for helping our members to feel welcome at our Greenfield location, Jonie!


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