Getting Back into Your Wellness Routine

Getting Back into Your Wellness Routine

The end of summer is upon us and that means back to school, back to work and back to all the routines of healthy living. Summer is a great time to let go and feel oh so easy breezy about things, but there is also some comfort in settling back into a rhythm as the days grow shorter and the air starts to get a bit cooler in the coming months. If you find yourself wondering how to reel it all in and get back into your fitness routines, you are not alone! We have some great ideas to get you started.

Whether you are an outdoorsy type who enjoys wandering around the woods and calling it exercise or you like to stretch yourself in a group class setting, Hancock County has something for you. Fall is a great time to get outside and appreciate the plethora of trails and green spaces we have within our reach. As we will begin to have a break from summer’s heavy heat, jogs and runs will feel a bit less intimidating. 

Start small

If you really let things go this summer, no worries, you will be back on track in no time. One of the main keys is to take it slow by setting small, attainable goals that will keep you feeling good about your progress. If you have been getting outdoors with your family, for instance, but would like to take some time to exercise by yourself each day, try to schedule in a 10 minute fast-paced walk or jog each morning before the busyness of the day sets in. Then, any extra movement you get throughout the day will just be a bonus. 

Slowly work up, adding in a bit more time or some more resistance as you gain strength and stamina. The same goes for joining a program at your local gym. If you really enjoy working out at the Hancock Wellness Centers, then try for just one or two classes or small workouts a week at first, before building onto that with longer workouts or more time spent throughout the week. 

Make it fun! 

Fall may not be in the same category as summer when it comes to fun, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make some of our own. Try putting together a great playlist that really gets you motivated to move your body. Whether that means dancing in your kitchen, going for a nice run or feeling empowered while lifting weights, it is up to you! If you don’t know where to start, apps like iTunes and Spotify offer ready-made playlists to jump-start your musical motivation. 

Group classes, like those found at your local Hancock Wellness Centers, can increase your fun quotient as well. Studies show that exercising in a group setting has a positive impact both on how you feel during your workout and how inspired you are to get yourself to the gym. The teachers and trainers on staff at the wellness centers are specially trained to make sure you are having fun in a safe atmosphere throughout your entire fitness journey. 

Try something new

If you have been performing the same exercise routine for a while, fall is a great time to change things up. Tend to stick to the treadmill at the gym? Try swimming a few days a week instead OR take your workout outdoors onto Pennsy Trail. Does lifting weights feel tiring now that you have been doing it for quite some time? Try to target a new muscle group or go for a CrossFit class at the Hancock Wellness Centers to add some spice into your routine. You can also try new, fun classes such as H.I.I.T., Yoga, Zumba or Hydrosculpt. Keeping it interesting will mean you are more likely to want to exercise, even on the days when it feels tough to get yourself motivated.

Even though it can feel hard to say goodbye to our carefree friend summer, settling into a routine, whether new or well worn, is a great way to greet fall and get back into the swing of things. Start small and keep it fun and interesting and you will be back on track in no time!


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