Get to Know Your Workout Goals with Our Quiz

Get to Know Your Workout Goals with Our Quiz

Before beginning any exercise program (and after you get the green light from your doctor of course), it’s time to sit down and figure out what you want from your routine. This may sound like an extra step you don’t need but working out isn’t just a boring one-way street anymore. At the Hancock Wellness Centers, we offer a huge variety of classes, workshops, and the chance to work with professionals who can help you achieve your goals. But first, you need to know what those goals are.

If you head over to, you will find a whole host of information about our wellness center offerings, articles about wellness and more. You will even find our helpful quiz when you scroll down on the main page that will bring you closer to knowing your workout goals. Now that we are in the new year, there has never been a better time to get clear about your purpose while hitting the gym. Go ahead, take the quiz, and then pop back over here where we can help you decipher your results!

Which things matter most to you?


If you landed on balance as your main goal, you are probably looking to relax, get rid of stress and achieve more awareness of your mind-body connection. We all need a good dose of balance, but some seek this from their exercise routine more than others. Our yoga and Pilates classes are a wonderful way to de-stress and gain more spatial awareness. You will also build long, lean muscle and strength. Other gentle exercises are helpful as well for those who are seeking more balance in their lives.


Don’t we all need a little fun? If you need to know that fun awaits you in your workout, group classes will be of great benefit to you. You probably want movement and to interact with people, all of which can keep you challenging yourself through new experiences. Try out Zumba, Tabata, our aquatics line up and more, available at every Hancock Wellness Center!


Was power one of your top goals in your quiz results? This means you like challenges and you may feel that your physical presence is a key to achieving success. Check out our dynamic CrossFit classes for a different challenge every time, tailored to your ability level. You will burn fat, gain muscle, and find yourself leaping to new heights (literally and figuratively). You may also enjoy our other group exercise classes. And don’t forget that we have personal trainers on staff who can help you to achieve all your physical fitness goals!


Do you just like to move because it helps you to feel better? You, like many people, will do well in most group exercise classes or fitness ventures, if you enjoy it and can keep it up. Sometimes, especially during the winter months, getting to the gym can be hard. If you find yourself falling into a rut, get yourself moving again by trying something new!


You want to improve your performance in sports and like any good athlete, you know how to set a goal and achieve it. What you choose to do for your exercise routine will depend on your sport as well as what you want to achieve. However, it is always good to remember to mix things up. Add in days of stretching (our yoga classes are great for this) and rest to help counterbalance all the work you will be doing this year. 


You may have gotten this result if your main goal is to burn calories, manage body weight and build muscle. For you, the best way to achieve all of these (and in record time) is by strength training. You may have thought cardio could burn calories, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Try out one of our HIIT classes to see what strength training can do for your workout. And don’t forget that our highly skilled dieticians and trainers are always available for questions about living a healthy lifestyle.

So now you know your goals. There is no better time than the present to start anew. Cheers to a new year and the chance to make healthy choices to influence how we feel daily!


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