Get Active, Get Healthy – Jane’s Story Part #4

Get Active, Get Healthy – Jane’s Story Part #4

Jane puts in her ear buds, looks up the stairwell, and prepares for her journey up and down.  The same stairs that would have been avoided weeks ago are now embraced as a challenge to overcome.

Jane’s choice of music on the way up the stairs:  the theme music to the movie Rocky.

Jane’s choice of music on the way down the stairs:  the theme for the Miss America pageant.

“Before the program, I was less active.  Now, I do try to get the exercise I need at least 2 or 3 times a week,” Jane said.  “In fact, if I haven’t hit my goal for the steps I need each day, I will go outside at home and walk the rest in my driveway just so that I can finish my goal.”

The importance of daily activity was stressed during the physical coaching and the behavioral assessment portions of the Journey to Wellness program.

“Having an accountability partner was extremely valuable,“ Jane shared.  “They would call me to encourage me and even push me or support if I needed it.  The accountability piece is so important.”

With those motivating songs ringing in her ears, Jane continues her exercise and more active lifestyle.


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