Fun Summer Fitness Trends

Fun Summer Fitness Trends

It’s summertime, and we hope you are enjoying some extra time outdoors with your friends and family! This season is a great time to make healthy lifestyle choices including consuming fresh foods and increasing your activity levels. If you are jumping on the summer fitness bandwagon, then there are some hot trends you need to try.

Personalize your workouts … big time

Everybody is different and each person has different goals for their exercise routine. That is why personalizing your workout is the best way to keep you focused on your way to success. Hancock Wellness Centers are a great place to get the help of a personal trainer, someone who is skilled and knowledgeable in how to use the equipment and which exact exercises to perform to reach your fitness goals. Not only that, but they can also make sure you are not doing something that could cause an injury, which could set you back big time. 

You can also use the help of apps or online fitness classes to personalize your workouts even more. If you love lifting weights and your personal trainer has already given you a full routine, why not mix it up with an online dance class for cardio once or twice a week? Many people find that they need a bit of variety, so they don’t get bored and, therefore, lose their motivation. You can also use smartphone apps to track your progress or to get more inspiration for personalized workouts. Noom, for example, has been used by many people to kick it up a notch and create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. 

Focus on the whole body

Another summer trend we are noticing is that people are beginning to take their entire lifestyle into account more so than just what they do at the gym. You can be a star in your training programs at the wellness center, but if your diet and other lifestyle habits don’t hit the mark, you probably won’t reach your goals. Diet is an incredibly important aspect of a healthy lifestyle because what you eat will become your fuel at the gym. Eating a whole foods diet also decreases your chances for developing a host of chronic diseases and can help with weight management. Hancock Wellness Centers are lucky to partner with registered dieticians through our Nutrition and Weight Management, Physician Referral and Diabetes Education Programs. It can be just another step on your path toward living your healthiest life!

People who exercise together have fun together

Summer is all about getting out there and enjoying the company of friends and family. We emerge from our winter cocoons, which may have been even more cocoon-like with Covid spikes. At Hancock Wellness Centers, our group exercise classes provide a great chance to enjoy the fun of exercising right alongside others. Studies show that class settings are great for motivating participants to push themselves harder, increasing their confidence and feelings of mastery. 

Group exercise classes at Hancock Wellness Centers not only motivate our members, but they also guide them to try new things. Mixing up your workout is a great way to ensure that you are always excited for your next visit to the gym. Test your abilities in our Pilates, yoga, aquatics, aerobic and weightlifting classes. Or try something completely different with our CrossFit offering. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is another fun way to get your sweat on while keeping it new and exciting. If you are starting to workout but you have an injury or illness, we are here for you with our medically certified facility, knowledgeable and trained staff and several programs specifically tailored to your needs!

Whether you are already back into your workout routine this summer or you are itching to start one, begin by trying out one of these trends and see how they shape both your workout and your results. Now is the time to start making those healthy lifestyle choices that can carry your through the rest of the year!



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