Five Ways to Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle in Hancock County

Five Ways to Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle in Hancock County

It’s February, and that means many of us have already forgotten our New Year’s resolutions. If yours was to get healthier then you are in luck. There are plenty of easy ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle right here in Hancock County. The best part? Most of them involve fun as well!

Why is a healthy lifestyle important?

Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to avoid myriad of chronic illnesses and guarantee a higher quality of life. Diet, habits, and exercise all contribute to the overall health of an individual and can prevent or help to lessen the effects of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more. In a world where we don’t often think of prevention as a key to wellness, Hancock Health is trying to change that by offering world class care right here in Hancock County, making it not only possible but easy for residents to embrace a healthy lifestyle.  

Here are five things you can do to help create a healthier lifestyle for yourself this year:

1. Embrace exercise

Exercise and movement are a huge part of staying healthy and strong in both mind and body. Especially now, when the weather is cold and icy, finding a workout routine to keep yourself from becoming sedentary will be vital. Hancock Wellness Centers offer plenty of chances for exercise through group classes, personal training sessions and more. With indoor pools, state of the art equipment and beautiful facilities, these centers are aiming to help Hancock County residents look and feel their best!

2. Embrace mental health

Mental health is an incredibly important aspect of overall wellness. This has become even more apparent in the past few years. Many people need to get help this time of year for seasonal affective disorder, depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, or addiction. The Healthy 365 Connection Center is a great Hancock County resource, offering navigators who will walk with you through the process of finding a therapist or other treatment. 

3. Embrace prevention

Prevention is the best medicine. Hancock Regional Hospital, Hancock Health System, and Gateway Hancock Health make it easy to attend your yearly physicals, get labs, and stay up to date on the latest health recommendations. Make sure to take the time out of your busy schedule this year to schedule your important appointments!

4. Embrace nature and local-grown foods

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t mean we should cut ourselves off from nature this winter. Embracing the season and feeling connected with nature can help you to stay healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. Getting outside may seem difficult, but layering properly can go a long way in ensuring you get the fresh air you need on your walk down Pennsy Trail or one of the other parks in Hancock County. You can also stay connected to nature by shopping the winter farmers market at the fairgrounds or heading to a local farm to pick up produce weekly.

5. Embrace down time

Relaxing and having fun with friends and family is a huge component of living a healthy lifestyle. We are social animals and require meaningful interactions with others to stay mentally fit. Take time to explore Hancock County’s amazing restaurant scene, attend events, shop locally in the cute boutiques, give back to your community and, most of all, take some time to enjoy your life and those you love!

Hancock County is a great place to live, and it isn’t just because of housing costs or its proximity to Indianapolis. Organizations like Hancock Health, parks and local farms, Healthy 365 and Hancock Wellness Centers all work together to ensure our residents have what they need to lead a healthy lifestyle full of enjoyment, meaningful connections and fun.


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