Creating a Workplace Culture of Health

Creating a Workplace Culture of Health

When it comes to workplace culture, everything seems to go back to productivity. Happy and supported employees who enjoy their place of work are simply more productive and more willing to work hard than the average worker bee going through a 9 to 5 grind. So, what happens when you add the opportunity to be healthier to the mix? If you want employees to feel important in the value of your company, make sure to take care of that which matters to them the most: their health and well-being. Creating a workplace culture of health, however, requires more than just offering a discount on a standard gym membership.

Hancock Wellness Centers

One surefire way to help your employees put their health first is to be certain they have access to our state-of-the-art Hancock Wellness Centers. We offer comprehensive fitness as well as healthy lifestyle programs to help all our patrons put their best foot forward. We also offer massages and mind/body classes to help your employees loosen up after a day on the job.

Employee health = employee happiness = all good things

Mental health is just as important to a workplace culture of health as physical wellness. Employees who suffer from depression and anxiety, for example, feel a weight that makes it difficult to focus and decreases motivation. Employees who have access to good mental healthcare can get the help they need when they need it. 

Programs at the Hancock Wellness Centers are meant to address mental health as well. Yoga, pilates and meditation are great ways for employees to address any stress they feel. Additionally, cardio exercise like swimming, jogging and Zumba has been proven to boost the mood, flooding the brain with endorphins and causing the welcome side effect of happiness. We offer all of these and more at varying times to fit any schedule.

Keep employees moving

Speaking of movement, it doesn’t just need to happen in the gym. Creating a workplace culture of health means making changes within the workplace that benefit the employees while they work hard for you. Sedentary employees feel more lethargic, especially when it comes to that afternoon crash many of us experience. Creating a workplace in which movement is not only allowed but expected can make all the difference. Think standing desks, frequent breaks for walks outdoors and even furniture that allows some form of movement.

Give employees something back

Everyone loves a good reward. Creating a reward system for workers who are putting their health first is another way to say thank you. After all, healthy employees incur fewer costs for your business, which benefits you greatly in the long run. 

By ensuring that employees have access to great healthcare as well as a chance to increase their overall well-being by joining the Hancock Wellness Center family, you prove how much you value them. Additionally, by infusing your workplace culture with a mindset of healthy lifestyle choices, you help take care of your employees who will, in turn, truly enjoy working for you.


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