Courage to Stop: Journey to Wellness

Courage to Stop: Journey to Wellness

Driving from her home in Greenfield to her office in Fishers, Indiana, Debra Cochran passed Hancock Wellness Center locations at least twice daily.   During her commute, Debra watched the walls of the McCordsville Hancock Wellness Center location rise and the doors to the new facility open.

One day, Debra gathered the courage to stop and check out the new facility.

Confident.  Beautiful. Smart.  Motivated.   Debra’s initial interest in a tour, quickly turned into inspiration.  Little did she know, Debra was taking the courageous first steps on her personal journey.  A journey that would lead her to a healthier lifestyle and an opportunity for improved wellness.

“I know I want a high quality of life and that starts with taking care of me,” said Debra Cochran.  “I want to be healthy and take care of the body God has given me.  If there are health challenges I can prevent later in life by making healthy choices now, I want to do that.”

Shortly after joining the Wellness Center and making independent strides toward improved health, Debra decided to further invest in improving her health.  She spoke with the staff at the Hancock Wellness Center and ultimately joined the unique program offered by the Hancock Wellness Center, the Journey to Wellness program.

“For me, this truly is an investment which will improve my life and my health.  It’s an investment physically, emotionally, financially and behaviorally,” said Debra.  “I have stopped making some of the choices that were holding me back from better health.  Now, I’m making choices that are going to help me live a healthy lifestyle.”

The Journey to Wellness program provides support, education and empowerment to participants like Debra who choose to make healthier lifestyle changes.  Supported by nutrition, behavioral health and exercise experts from Hancock Wellness Center, participants are guided through a 10-week program that inspires a life-long wellness journey.

“I am so grateful that I stopped at the Hancock Wellness Center and learned about the program,” said Debra.  “As a result, I’ve made big changes in my life.  It’s probably the best, long-term investment in me that I could have ever made.”

Read more about Debra’s Journey to Wellness in next week’s blog: The Courage to Learn.


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