Courage to Change: Journey to Wellness

Courage to Change: Journey to Wellness

Walking into the clean, open and energetic atmosphere of Hancock Wellness Center in McCordsville, Debra Cochran became further motivated to change.  Armed with new knowledge and support from the team of experts, Debra was confident a healthy lifestyle was within her grasp.

Changing Workouts

Debra applied her training from the Journey to Wellness program.  She began lifting weights, strength training and cardio workouts.  She also expanded her workout routine to include different programs and routines to account for low-impact days, toning and isometric training.  From Yoga, to Barre classes and Aqua Zumba, Debra has gained the confidence to try programs and equipment that she may have never previously tried.

“The instructors are personal, approachable and willing to help you succeed,” said Debra.  “They genuinely want to help you take care of your health and they genuinely care about you as an individual.  They all allow you to go at your own pace and comfort level, which is so nice.”

Changing Foods

Roasted brussell sprouts, spaghetti squash and sautéed apples with granola are just a few of the healthy foods that Debra has mastered cooking at home.

“I’m trying new things and using different foods I like for cooking new things that are much healthier,” said Debra.  “In fact, I’ve learned that eating healthier allows you to actually eat more portions of the foods – like fruits and vegetables – that you really enjoy.”

Changing Habits

Spread out over 10-weeks, the Journey to Wellness program allows time for support while learning and developing new habits.  Tools, such as food trackers, recipes and exercise knowledge, help develop plans for maintaining.

“I have learned so much through the Journey to Wellness program,” said Debra.  “Changing some of the habits I had is not only helping me feel better, but the benefits transcend to all aspects of my life.  From healthier eating habits to even better work habits, I’m noticing improvements in how I feel.”

For Debra, and other Journey to Wellness participants, the Courage to Change is a critical step in the path to improved health.  Next, learn more about Debra’s Courage to Continue.  Part 4 for Debra’s Journey will be published next week.


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