Check Out Our Workout Playlist

Check Out Our Workout Playlist

Need Some Monday Motivation? Check Out Our Workout Playlist!

Mondays are hard. Even if you look forward to your weekly workout routine, some weeks are going to present challenges in finding your eagerness to get to the gym. One thing that always seems to help our members get some Monday motivation is great music. 

Music to help your Monday motivation!

Music is magic. It can help soothe us during many of life’s up and downs. Have you ever wondered why? Listening to music that we enjoy releases dopamine into our brain. This feel-good chemical is associated with our sense of pleasure. Even though the music that each of us enjoys may be different, it still has the same effect in our brain chemistry! 

Ever wonder why many of our group classes use music? It is because it helps us to feel great while working out and can even motivate us to push ourselves to the next level. So, the next time you find yourself dragging on a Monday (or any day really), just turn to some great tunes to get you going. 

Need a workout playlist?

Our Hancock Health Wellness Center instructors want to make squeezing in a great workout easy for our members. That is why we asked our trainers for their list of favorite motivational songs to create the ultimate workout playlist. You will find everything from Dolly Parton to Eminem on this fun, funky, upbeat and rocking playlist. All you have to do is press play! (Click the link to be taken to Spotify so you can download our playlist!) 

Need some extra motivation?

If music alone doesn’t cut it, here are some other tips for getting motivated to set and crush your goals this fall: 

  1. Find a buddy to workout with (and be accountable to). 
  1. Work with one of our personal trainers so you can learn more about our facilities and get a personalized workout routine that will leave you feeling great. 
  1. Attend a group class (maybe even one you haven’t tried yet) to learn something new. 
  1. Mix things up by adding in days of rest or gentle exercise like yoga that can help your body to reset and replenish. 

Hancock Wellness Center Trainer Playlist on Spotify

Working out and meeting your goals takes hard work and dedication, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too. Check out Hancock Wellness Center Trainer Playlist on Spotify or try out one of our tips to keep your motivation strong! 



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