7 Healthy Living Tips for Fall

7 Healthy Living Tips for Fall

Ah, the crisp autumn air. It isn’t far away, so now is a great time to start thinking about how to keep your healthy habits going as the seasons change. For some, the switch from summer to fall is a welcome break from the hot and humid summer weather. For others who relish summer days, it can feel difficult to stare down the barrel of yet another cold and dark fall and winter season. 

No matter which mindset you have, there are some things you can do now to ensure that your health and wellness remain intact this fall. Remember, this is a time of year when we tend to be indoors more often, may be more sedentary, and have a higher chance of catching colds, the flu, and other viruses. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you on all fronts, and we have some simple tips to help.

1. Get vaxed

Nobody likes to be sick, and fall is an especially important time to protect yourself from the flu as well as our new friend COVID. Getting both your flu vaccine and your COVID booster can help you to stay healthy all season long. Our immune systems tend to take a plunge when the warmth of summer is over and that mixed with more indoor activities due to weather increases your chances of contracting a multitude of not so fun viruses. 

2. Pump up your vitamin D

Once the fall comes, the sun is no longer able to provide ample sunlight to our little corner of the earth, causing colder weather and decrease in the availability of natural vitamin D. Because of this as well as the fact that we are indoors more, we can’t get enough of this important hormone. Known for helping to boost the immune system and help our moods stay balanced, vitamin D is an incredibly vital nutrient to have during the colder months. Check with your doctor to see which supplement they recommend and get on track to start taking your daily dose. 

3. Choose local, seasonal foods

We are familiar with the smell of a steaming mug of chai or baking pumpkin bread triggering memories of fall. That is because the warming spices like cinnamon and highly nutritious, seasonal foods such as pumpkin are a big part of what our bodies crave and need during the colder months of the year. Dark leafy greens, squashes, apples, meats, and whole grains are some other wonderful seasonal foods to consume that will pump up your immune system and leave you feeling great.

4. Keep up with your fitness routine

Indoors, of course, probably means less physical activity. Ideally, you may have a consistent fitness routine. If so, get ready to move it indoors, when necessary, but stay on that horse! If you don’t have a routine, now is a great time to get started. Hancock Wellness Centers offer a plethora of classes to choose from as well as personal trainers and state of the art exercise equipment. There is something for all levels at these medically certified centers, so no worries if you have a chronic illness or something hard that is keeping you from getting off the couch.

5. Stay outside

Just because it is getting cooler outside, you don’t need to get into hibernation mode. Get your family outside to enjoy the crisp autumn air as much as you can. It will boost your mood, help you to feel connected to the earth and get you that fresh air your body needs.

6. Stay social

Whereas summer brings easy breezy cookouts, potlucks and pool days with friends, fall can mean more routines, school calendars and shorter days. It can feel difficult to get together with friends and family during this time, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need socialization to keep our moods balanced. Humans are incredibly social creatures and maintaining relationships this fall will help you to feel connected. Book clubs, date nights and pickup games of your favorite sport are some great ways to stay in touch.

7. Rest, rest, rest

Even though we need to stay active and maintain relationships, fall is a time when the earth is asking us to rest more and prepare for the cold months of winter. Take time for yourself during this season. Whether that means giving some attention to favorite hobbies, warming up in a hot bubble bath or practicing mindful movement, your body and mind will feel great if you give yourself some nurturing attention.

Saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall can feel bittersweet, but diving into this beautiful season full of bounty and brightly colored trees with a plan in mind can help you to maintain your healthy lifestyle and feel great all year long!


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