5 Reasons to Join Hancock Wellness Centers

5 Reasons to Join Hancock Wellness Centers

If you want to start your year off right, the Hancock Wellness Centers are here to make sure you reach all your health and wellness goals of 2023. You might be wondering why the wellness centers are different from other gyms around Hancock County. Our members know that we are so much more than a gym, but in order to find that out for yourself, you will need to take a tour through our 5 reasons to join this year.

1. State of the art facilities

Like many gyms, we take fitness seriously. But instead of keeping our members running on run of the mill equipment, we have outfitted our wellness centers with the best technology available. Not only is our workout equipment new and easy to use, but it can also help our smartphone tech-lovers to keep track of their workouts. And if you need help navigating all the various machines in our fitness centers, you can talk to one of our professional trainers.

2. Professionals on staff to help you

Our professional and knowledgeable trainers are here to assist our members with learning how to use the equipment, establishing an exercise routine and reaching wellness goals. In addition, we also offer diet and nutrition counseling with our nutritionists, who are available to help you learn how to fuel your body with the right food. With the right guidance, it is our belief that anyone can reach the wellness goals they set for themselves. Accountability means no more giving up your New Year’s resolution in February and seeing real results that make an impact in your life!

3. A safe place for those with health challenges

As a certified Medical Fitness Facility affiliated with Hancock Regional Hospital, we have taken the steps to make sure we are offering professional expertise and programming necessary to safely assist people regardless of their current health status. Our clinical programs and physician referral program are just two ways we help those with acute or chronic illnesses to gain more control of their health and feel empowered by making healthy lifestyle choices. We even have specialized group exercise classes taught by certified professionals to help those with ailments such as Parkinson’s, cancer and more. As a member, you will also get to check out helpful workshops, classes and more to help you take your wellbeing to new heights.

4. Group classes never felt so fun

If you want to try something new, Hancock Wellness Centers offer a plethora of group exercise classes. We truly have something for everyone, and our offerings range from gentle movement in classes like yoga to intense strength training with H.I.I.T. and Tabata. The whole family can join in the fun with our popular KidFit Programs. We also offer on-site childcare services in the Jungle Club so parents can attend classes while their little ones enjoy some fun of their own.

5. You want to be healthier, happier and well

Everyone wants to look and feel their best and the supportive community within our wellness centers is a great place to let your inner light shine. Whether you are looking to feel better physically, emotionally or mentally, Hancock Wellness Centers are here to help you find balance and wellbeing. With something for everyone, we strive to create a safe, welcoming, and member-centered atmosphere dedicated to helping people thrive. 

Join us at one of our three locations today!


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