2022 Workplace Wellness Trends

2022 Workplace Wellness Trends

The global pandemic changed the landscape of workplace wellness in a major way, and that’s very apparent in the 2022 workplace wellness trends.

Now, more than ever, people are more in tune with their physical and mental health. Employees expect a certain level of protection when it comes to health benefits in their workplace as well as actions taken by their employer to create a safe and healthy place of business. In fact, businesses who put wellness programs among their top priorities are met with benefits like increased employee recruitment and retention and better health among employees, which results in fewer absences, increased productivity and reduced medical costs.  

2022 Workplace Wellness Trends

Not bad for taking simple measures to ensure workplace culture reflects the respect for employee health that every worker deserves. We’ll see this trend continue to rise in the coming years as more and more people become aware of the value of their own well-being. So, what are the biggest workplace wellness trends taking root in 2022? 

Mental health matters 

At a time when so many Hoosiers are suffering a host of mental illnesses as well as high stress, workplaces are beginning to support their employees in seeking the help they need. Making mental health a priority, though, doesn’t mean just offering insurance that allows access to a therapist or medication. Instead, creating an environment conducive to emotional regulation, stress management and overall mental health awareness is key. 

Access to body/mind programs both within the workplace as well as outside is an important factor in creating conditions suitable to employee happiness. Offering a yoga, mindfulness or meditation class in the office once a month or access to Hancock Wellness Centers’ mind/body programs are a great place start. Furthermore, allowing employees to take mental health days and routinely checking in on their overall stress levels is a great way to show that you, as their employer, care about their well-being. 

Financial wellness programs

One term that has become more popular because of the pandemic is “financial wellness.” Many employees felt stress about losing a job, pay reduction and medical costs during the outbreak. Along with that, some employees could benefit from a crash course in handling money. Either way, we know that finances can be stressful, and it’s important to take your employees’ access to financial advice into account. If you want to reduce employee stress, offering programs to teach workers how to juggle saving for retirement, pay off student loans, budget and learn about other means of financial planning is paramount.  

Flexibility isn’t just for yogis

Employees are prioritizing flexibility right now. Many business owners had to rely on their employees’ flexibility during the pandemic, and now the tables have turned. Some employees really enjoy working from home; others need better childcare options or a more flexible schedule. Flexible work hours, four-day workweeks, meeting-free Fridays and updated leave policies are becoming popular ways to show employees that they can be trusted to get their work done while also lessening the need to sacrifice other life responsibilities. 

Access to wellness opportunities

One of the biggest trends of 2022 is that employers are beginning to offer their employees better access to wellness centers where they can take care of their physical fitness. At Hancock Wellness Centers, we have observed time and again that happy, healthy employees are more productive in meeting their own needs as well as those of their employer. Our corporate wellness memberships show our employees that their physical health is of the utmost importance. With a membership to one of our wellness centers, employees get the chance to work with our personal trainers, attend a variety of group fitness classes, embark on a new health journey alongside our staff in our medically certified clinical programs, gain access to family activities, participate in mind/body programs, attend health and wellness education events and more. 

We believe that having the resources available for making healthy lifestyle choices has a huge impact on happiness and quality of life. Employers are turning to places like the Hancock Wellness Centers to help provide their employees with a one-stop place for all their wellness needs. To learn more about our corporate memberships and join our family, head on over to our website today. 


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