13 Minute Stability Ball Ab Workout for All Fitness Levels

13 Minute Stability Ball Ab Workout for All Fitness Levels

Core exercises are always a popular request with my clients and classes. I don’t mind a good core workout, but if you are doing compound movements, you are STILL WORKING YOUR CORE! And core workouts won’t necessarily give you that six pack you want.

I’ve dropped some knowledge on different core muscles, how to correctly brace your core and why a proprioceptively enriched environment is important for core exercises & workouts on my blog, so make sure to check those out, if you are looking for more on core workouts!

Today, I want to share a stability ball ab workout that is sure to work all your core muscle, challenge your limit of stability and ensure you are bracing your core.

I’ve been using the stability ball more and more with clients, of all fitness levels. It’s such a versatile piece of equipment. It’s great for building strength and stability of the core musculature, by delivering the proprioceptively enriched environment. Use it in place of an exercise bench or chair for exercises like a shoulder press, flat dumbbell chest press or bicep curl. Or for core exercises like crunches, ball tucks, ball pikes or ball v-ups.

This stability ball ab workout includes some of my favorite core exercises that really will challenge your core. Rather than blast through these moves, think of the stability ball ab workout as a slow.


  • Mat
  • Stability Ball
  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)


Set up timer for 1:00 min work | :30 sec rest | 4 rounds. Rest ~1 min after first set and rest timer. Complete 2 sets.


ROUND = completing move for 1 minute & resting 30 sec. SET = completing all 4 moves (1 min work & 30 sec rest).

The Moves

  • Pass Thru: Lie flat on your back, with ball in hands overhead, legs straight. Using abdominals, crunch up, lifting shoulders off the mat, bringing arms and legs to the midline. Transfer ball from hands to in between feet. Use inner thighs to squeeze ball together. Lower legs and shoulders back down to the ground, stopping when lower back starts to arch up. Work on keeping pelvis tucked, core engaged and lower back pressed to the ground. Bring legs (with ball) and arms back to the midline and transfer ball from in between feet to hands. Repeat. Hand to feet to hand = 1 rep.
  • Tucks w/ Leg Lift: Assume hand plank position with legs (shins) resting on the ball. Using lower abdominals, draw knees towards chest and tuck. Use lower abdominals to return to start position. Press through palms and right shin, lifting the left leg slightly, squeezing the glute. Repeat.
  • Pikes: Assume hand plank position with legs (shins) resting on the ball. Using lower abdominals and pressing through palms, lift up into inverted V position. Imagine there is a rope around your hips, from the ceiling. Think of the rope pulling you up each time you move to pike position.
  • Deadbug: Lay on ground with knees at 90 degrees, neck neutral, arms straight up. Hold ball between arms and knees. Lift tail bone up slightly to allow entire back to touch the ground. Very slowly, lower opposite arm and leg to just hover over the ground. Return to start. For a variation, just lower 1 arm or 1 leg, rather than both.

Jen Elliott, CES, CPT, PN1


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